NVIDIA’s 368.69 WHQL Game Ready Driver

NVIDIA announces its newest driver for high performance in video games. Designed to support their upcoming VR edition of their PC driver game, Dirt Rally. The Driver is a 368.69 WHQL built to fix and enhance the PC for better performance during play.  The 368.69 WHQL is intended for a Windows 10 64 bit, and takes up to 336.36 file size in storage.

Many Bugs and unnecessary glitches have been worked on and removed. Fixes for internal software’s such as Adobe Premiere, CUDA Pro CC, and a crash while running the NVIDIA GRID K1 under a Window 10 virtual machine. With the latest driver they have also worked out a solution for an error with a compatible software known as the XSplit Broadcaster. The Xsplit allows gamers to live stream and record while game play.

Finding newer solutions to problems they had with games in the past, can now be resolved with the 368.69 WQHL.  A much anticipated fixture is a solution to a common crash with the game “the Crew.” crashing after running the program, right after the driver had been updated was a huge problem for most gamers which can be resolved.

With many alterations to one’s computer there can be small niches that go wrong with other parts of the driver.  Fans typically have a problem spinning up and down which can lead to other harmful things happening to the whole processor. The latest driver fixes the spinning up and down for the GTX 1080 Founders Edition’s fans. Some of these problems have been caused by the installation of graphic cards by the user themselves. Others paid up to $100s to get the whole entire the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition to not have to upgrade their graphic cards. In doing so it reduced noise and does a great job cooling the system.


November 1, 2021

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