Cryptocurrency has been the latest fathom as millions of users adopt the newest way of currency for personal gain. The market is growing as more investors invest into the market but are not limited to the way the market can grow, as it allows “mining”. Producing more cryptocurrency is nothing like counterfeiting dollars or any other currency but adding to the market by a greater generation of electrical power. There are three main ways of mining that have been used by minors are with a CPU, GPU, and ASICs type method.

Most effective to produce substantial amounts of coins have been mined by the ASICs method. Having advantages and disadvantages to the ASICs mining process, it reigns supreme due to its precision capability. This ASIC is so powerful that according to they suggest that,” A Bitcoin ASIC can calculate hashes 100,000 times faster than even the best Central Processing Unit.”  They are programmed to be very centralized towards a coin that allows only for one ASICs unit to be used for a single hash algorithm. Along with many positives, the ASICs may generate, it also requires lots of energy to produce their hashes, which can be very costly including loud sounds from its cooling fan.

Another very popular way but not as effective as ASIC mining is the GPU mining method. This method is a way to be able to mine using a Graphics Processing Unit originally used to transmit graphics more effectively. Due to the fact that these GPU OEMs have noticed the current use for the product, they have increased their prices tremendously and offered discounts or incentives for users that are using it for other uses other than mining.

Coins mining with CPU is not as efficient as ether or other method and has been deemed obsolete from some coins as it is outworked by ASIC units. If and when CPUs are allowed to mine a certain coin, it takes away from ASIC potentials.

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A new release has been launched from Samsung known as the GDDR6 graphics cards for optimal memory performance. The GDDR6 first ever 16-gigabit graphics double data rate 6 memory has created a newer venture in the graphics card market. First mentioned in 2016 and was predicted to be released in the year 2018.

The GDDDR6 has been composed to be able to save up to 35 percent energy than its previous model the GDDDR5. Although the new innovative characteristics for the GDDDR6 it is said to be.

“ GDDR5 delivers a more than two-fold increase in speed over 8Gb GDDR5 RAM, with speeds hitting up to 72 gigabytes per second (GB/s). “

The GDDR6 is been built on what is known as a 10nm class that can be used between the 10nm – 19nm configuration.

This new GDDR6 graphics chip is awaited to be a new level of performance as Samsung states,” Samsung’s immediate production of GDDR6 will play a critical role in early launches of next-generation graphics cards and systems. With all of its improvements in density, performance and energy efficiency, the 16Gb GDDR6 will be widely used in rapidly growing fields such as 8K Ultra HD video processing, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence.”

Along with many newly implemented traits the GDDDR6 offers 30 % manufacturing productivity gain.

The GDDR6 has been made to be more efficient with the same type of chip component. An article from mentions that the GDDDR6 efficiency can be measured in four GDDR6 while able to keep a 256GB/s of memory bandwidth. The Graphic is an all-black component with slots lined up in a 5 x 18 formation.

Samsung hopes that this graphics card will be mention among other top components such the HBM2, or the HBM 3.

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Microsoft announced its launching of a brand-new program, that will be by subscription. This program is for surface computers and tablets, and can be purchased the same way that people purchase cell phones. This includes, no interest financing for exactly two years and the ability to upgrade to a new device before the term period is over. This launch came out just in time for back to school season, since students and schools would be the main target for this specific program. The start of this problem is a all part of a bigger plan by Microsoft to gain new movement in schools within the united states.

Apparently, most of the schools that do have computers have a majority of google chromebooks and not Microsoft and Apple, a problem that Microsoft is trying to solve. The new program is called surface plus and it is available for purchase through the Microsoft Store in person and online. The computer options for this program include the surface pro, the laptop, surface book and surface studio. This program will allow customer to trade in their old machine for a new machine after 18 months but, only if the Microsoft hardware is in good condition upon return. The push for this program adopt is since Microsoft has had a decline on its hardware for the past three quarters.

The company’s revenue has also fallen 2% in the last quarter because of the decline in sales. Along with surface plus for students, Microsoft is also introducing a surface plus for the business world. This option offers multiple machines under one signed contract, and includes the option to finance a 55-inch surface hub. However, this deal does come with a flaw, an interest rate of 19.99% happens after two years. Microsoft surface hardware is increasing in creativity.

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Apple Inc. is an American company. It is a multinational technology that is headquartered in Cupertino, California. Which is a suburb of San Jose. They are popular for developing and selling consumer electronics, computer software and online series. Many American or many people around the world are using their products. They have great phone, laptops. Their prices are higher than usual but they are efficient and are work paying more money for them. They recently released the released an update for people that would be accessible on the apple’s app page. This update is for iOS, watchOS and tv OS they released the newest version which is the 10.12.3 of macPS Sierra. This was released to the public.

All the sierra installer downloaded should have this update which is really good and efficient. They are always trying to make it more efficient for people and they have been doing a good job at it ever since starting. Many people are happy about this new update. They are excited because this new update is limited in scope. Many pf the problems that were brought it up in the old versions have been fixed. problems such as graphic problems that were with adobe premiere pro projects have been fixed in both the 13 and the 15 inch models which is a lot more convenient. this update also fixed many other minor problems. For example, the PDF in preview were fixed.

There were a couple one was to prevent searching through scanned documents and on another other problem is regarding resolving compatibility problems with encrypted PDF documents. Finally, another example of what has been resolved is when importing pictures from digital camera a bug has been established to prevent from any unspecified third party apps.

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Intel processing systems are without a doubt the most sophisticated processing systems that have been out till today. When the processing power has become so powerful; innovation is just around the corner. Intel has announced that they will be releasing the latest version of their processing system “Kaby Lake” which comes right after “SkyLake” processing system which was the dominant system for the past two years (2015-16). Last year Intel released a limited amount of the “Kaby Lake” processors in some of the light weight laptops and some of the convertibles, these processors were powering high performance computing capabilities and Intel decided to release their processing components on a full scale from light weight laptops to a heavy duty gaming laptops and socketed desktop processors.

The new Kaby processing system is showing a higher clock speed than SkyLake, it is also designed to save more power; and therefore more energy efficient. Intel computer hardware also includes video capability to support a 4K picture at 60Hz using an HDMI cable and allows hardware to support the video from the file that’s playing it and to project it on the screen. However, the DisplayPort version is going to stay at 1.2. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is Intel working on, Intel is working on increasing their 15W and 28W dual-core U-series with Iris Pro GPUs with 72 EU and 128MB of eDRAM. When comparing Kaby Lake with SKyLake there won’t be much difference but when you compare older versions there will be a significant increase in resolution and graphics. Intel is also planning on releasing a new H-series which will consist of nine different processors.

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WD which stands for western digital is a trusted leader. It was established in 1970. Their main goal is to always look for ways to improve their technology. They are also always looking for ways to improve the processes. Products, and their people. They tend to take best ideas from their employees and have a family oriented business which leads for best results. Their plan is to send and ship it to customers for testing. This new drive has never been and it unlike anything that has been done before.

It is known to have the highest capacity hard drive that has even been developed, it is mainly used for data center. These especially need large capacity hard drives to hold many information to databases and social networks. This is especially good for big corporations to use since they have large databases that need to be kept in one place. This hard drive is very reliable. It is efficient mainly because the drives are infused with helium and gas that is lighter than air that is used in balloons. This is proven to improve the life and power efficient of hard drives. Since it is still being tested, it is said to be ready and available in the middle of next year. They are still determining the price. But WD is well known for having efficient, reliable items at fair prices. to start getting ready to make sales when they launch their products, they are been trying to acquire different big corporations such as SanDisk and HGST. They are a very stable company and are projected for success on their new hard drive.

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Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and Northwestern University have announced the development of a tiny electronic sensor that can measure the vibrations of the human body. The tiny acoustic sensor can be worn or mounted on nearly any surface of the body and captures the physiological sound signals from the body. Resembling a Band-Aid the device weighs less than one-hundredth of an ounce and continuously gathers physiological data.

CU Boulder Assistant Professor Jae-Woong Jeong who is one of three lead study authors compares it to a wearable stethoscope. The device is able to pick up mechanical waves propagating through your body’s tissues and fluids, these include the opening and closing of heart valves, vocal chords and gastrointestinal tract movement. By integrating the electrodes to record electrocardiogram (ECG) signals, the device can measure electrical activity of the heart as well as muscles at rest and during contractions. Easily converted into a wireless device the sensor can be used in remote, noisy places such as a battlefield, and will produce a quiet, high quality cardiology/speech signal that can be read half way around the world in real time. The data can be used by a doctor to diagnose a patient even if they aren’t face to face. The researchers have already tested the device on a group of elderly volunteers at Camp Lowell Cardiology which is a private medical clinic in Tucson, Arizona. The results were remarkable with the researchers able to detect the acoustical signals of blood clots in some of the participants. Here we have a dedicated and expansive array of IoT products. We are your one-stop shop and go destination for a simplified sourcing solution.

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Logitech a current mouse maker for Pioneer has discovered a new line of work without venturing out too far into the computer industry. Despite Logitech 35 years in service in minor computer accessories they have continued to progress and begin working in creating gaming, wearables, home and video controls and mobile music speaker’s division. The person responsible to the sudden upbringing of the new innovations to be added to Logitech is a man by the name Bracken Darrell.

They have released a new “home control switch “that they have named a Pop switch. This device is a multi-control that allows for different controls to be operated from one tangible device. This device can be used as a “remote control for lights, door locks, speakers, thermostats and other household devices.”

Due to Darrell’s innovation integration into the company the company’s number are on the horizon of great numbers. He noticed significant differences in different areas of accessories and noticed their accessories were not forecasted to do so well.

“Logitech saw sales of PC pointing devices decline 1 percent in its latest quarter, while mobile music speakers grew 20 percent, other audio equipment rose 35 percent and video conferencing tools like webcams jumped 43 percent.”

Although the PCs are forecasted to drop at just about a total of 8 % worldwide Logitech have still been forecasted to be able to continue their sales of mice and keyboards to accumulate nearly half of the entire net sales of $564 million. Logitech also has thoughts of venturing into “virtual reality or augmented reality gadgets.” They will continue a project that has been in the works since 1990s that ventured for an earlier generation of virtual reality system.

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Microsoft announced its first 2017 Windows 10 update and the release of new products aimed for consumers with a big wallet who are willing to splurge on creative hardware. Though technology companies tend to design computer hardware centered on productivity, Microsoft’s new design incorporates efficiency and imagination.

Microsoft is calling the Windows 10 upgrade the “Creator’s Update” which is planned to be released in March of 2017. The update will include tools that allow working with 3D objects, self-broadcasting virtual reality games, an augmented reality, and a “mixed reality” accessible with HoloLens hardware. Microsoft also revealed the Surface Studio, an all-in-one desktop PC with a $2,999 price tag. The 28in desktop can also be laid flat and used like a tablet with a pen or touch. The Dial is a new accessory for the Surface Studio that when placed on the screen can enable it to work as a substitute input device for scrolling and zooming.

The company spoke about its target consumers, and stated that the next generation of customers are not just interested in productivity, but also on how a computer can be utilized for personal use. Though they have been urged to focus on efficiency to target commercial businesses, the company firmly believes that the Surface Studio will attract creative consumers as this update is the perfect blend of personal and professional capabilities. For now, Microsoft must wait to see how well its new designs will bring in customers, especially now when PCs sell at the same price as Apple computers.

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Intel is a company that is constantly evolving. All their products are reliable and are made easy to use. They are constantly looking for improvement and easier ways to make usage of their upcoming technology. They recently announced that they were cancelling their tablets and smartphone products, but they did not mention anything about their computer or computer processors. This was shocking for many people and many thought they were going to be producing many products. But actually they decided that they want to exit their Android market and be on their own. Many people did not like that they are cancelling their products but then again not many people used their products such as the smart phones. Many people saw this as a sign, a sign of weakness from them and a sign that they can’t compete against other companies. For example, companies, such as Samsung. But people didn’t know that intel’s plan was bigger than just stopping their products. They had a plan to license standard ARM cores.

This can be really beneficial for ARM, they mentioned that

“this deal will cover future ARM products, dubbed ARM POP technology”

they also said that this will allot ARM for a quicker knowledge transfer

“enabling customers to lower their risk in implementing the most advances ARM cores on Intel’s leading edge process technology”.

Intel mentions that they have been collaborating with many other companies as well as working with ARM. Intel is offering their best to many companies and is benefiting a lot of them. The ARM chips that they are offering and producing are very beneficial and useful for a lot of the companies.

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