Polycom is a multinational corporation that develops and sells communication technology hardware. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company was established in 1990 by Brian L Hinman and Jeffrey Rodman. Currently, the company employs over 3,500 people, has met yearly revenues of over $1.4 Billion, and has shipped over 10 million audio device units. Polycom’s products and solutions are used in industries such as Government, U.S. Federal Government, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, financial Services, Entertainment, Retail, and Wholesale. Their products are also specialized by business function such as CEO, Customer Service, Engineering, Facilities, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, and Sales.

The company’s first products were audio conferencing speakerphones dubbed the Polycom SoundStation. Released in 1992, the popularity of this conference phone allowed the company to earn $1.4 Million in yearly revenue. Since then, the Polycom SoundStation has become a popular conference device used in offices all across the world. In addition to the Polycom Soundstation, Polycom’s product portfolio includes: collaboration, video, voice and content, teleconference, telecommunications, telepresence and infrastructure software, hardware, and services.

In recent news, Polycom released their RealPresence One which is a virtualized and subscription based solution to sync with Polycom CX5500 and CX5100. In addition, the company also released their Polycom CX8000 which is the industry’s first 1080p HD, 360 degree panoramic view camera.

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Motorola Solutions, Inc. is a data communications and telecommunications equipment producer that came into fruition after the Motorola, Inc. became defunct in 2011. The publically traded company is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, employs 21,000 people, and has met yearly revenues of over $8,696.0 Million. Motorola Solutions provides education, healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, and U.S Federal Government industry solutions. They also produce products in 4 different categories: Devices, Systems & Networks, Software & Applications, and Accessories. These products are used by consumers, businesses and OEMs and include:

  • Devices: OEM Products, Kiosks, Pagers, RFID Products
  • Systems & Networks: Analog Business Radio Systems, Dispatch, SCADA Systems, Enterprise Voice
  • Software & Applications: Mobility Software, Network Design, Public Sector Applications, WLAN Management
  • Accessories: Includes spare parts and accessories for their products

The US Government and Defense also use Motorola Solutions products. Over the course of 2 years, Motorola Solutions was granted 5 different defense contracts with individual values of more than $6.5 Million totaling over $74 Million.

In June of 2012, Motorola Solutions, Inc. was awarded 3 different defense contracts. The first contract was awarded by the U.S. Army and amounted over $8 Million. This award provided the procurement of a new land mobile radio system for several sites in Korea. The second contract was awarded by the Naval Air Warfare Center which was a $16 Million contract for Motorola Solutions to provide infrastructure components, voice logging recorders, dispatch console systems, and subscriber units. The third contract by the Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center, awarded $15 Million for global sustainment of enterprise land and mobile radio systems at 53 worldwide military sites.

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Founded in June of 1975, Black Box Network Services has strived to become one of the leading providers of infrastructure solutions and comprehensive communications. Black Box Network Services is headquartered in Lawrence, Pennsylvania, a small suburb just south of Pittsburgh. By designing, building, and maintaining many of today’s complicated voice and data networks, Black Box has established themselves as a significant role-player in the telecommunication industry.

Black Box Network Services provides a complete services portfolio, ranging from remote monitoring services to system maintenance plans. As a leading provider of infrastructure and communication solutions, Black Box Network Services is comprised of high-performing technical professionals committed to delivering noteworthy products and solutions.

With the ability to offer more than 118,000 products designed to maintain all types of data infrastructures, Black Box Network Services provides an extensive range of products including cables, cabinets, racks, digital signage, KVM products, cooling solutions, and many more. In addition to these many products, Black Box Network Services is capable of providing a vast array of solutions regarding your infrastructure and communications technologies. Through their many years of experience and broad selection of solutions, Black Box can specifically design, install, and maintain the proper solutions for your specialized technical needs. This wide variety of products and services is backed by Black Box’s priority to providing award winning customer and technical support. Black Box Network Services is dedicated to supporting their most important asset: their customers, who happen to come from 141 countries from all around the world.

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