Flash Memory
With technology become more prevalent and essential to all facets of life, flash drives are becoming more and more important. Also known flash RAM, flash memory, the principle behind flash drives, are a non-volatile storage memory that make it easy to quickly sore and transfer data. These drives make it so that you can do your work anywhere— just plug into your USB into a computer, transferring the data you need a flash. These memory devices range from hundreds of bits to thousands of bits. They’re a very versatile piece of technology.

There are two types of flash memory. The first type of flash memory is NAND Flash Memory. This is useful in modern technology because it allows for less chip area, but more data density, making it especially useful in today’s high-density data environment. The second type of flash memory is NOR flash memory, also called circuit flash memory because the memory cells are connected in a parallel array. NOR and RAM memory access are similar, NOR does not need to run through the RAM circuits to be copied. Unfortunately, NOR flash memory is only suited for smaller code instructions.

No matter how far we’ve come, technology still have its flaws. For example, despite writing the code bit by bit, flash memory is unable to delete small chunks of code, only larger blocks. Another flaw is bit flipping— this usually occurs in NAND memory where the data can be flipped, making data transfers useless. Bad blocks are another flaw. This happens when the drive doesn’t scan for “bad blocks” that make the memory vulnerable to corruption and data loss.

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DRAM Memory
Other than the price or what brand you like more, one of the biggest factors in choosing your next smartphone or computer should be the RAM, the Random-Access Memory. This is the device’s main memory. There are two types of RAM, DRAM and SRAM. Normally, the RAM value you see for your device’s specs are the DRAM.

DRAM or Dynamic Random-Access Memory is a type of memory that is used to store data or program code that a computer processor needs to function. Each bit of data is stored in a storage cell made of a capacitor and transistor and organized into a rectangular configuration. In general, RAM allows the PC processor to access any part of the memory directly, rather than having to go sequentially, enabling faster data access than hard disk drives or solid-state drives. DRAM is dynamic in that it needs to be refreshed or given a new electronic charge every few milliseconds to compensate for charge leaks from the capacitor.

DRAM is advantageous in that it’s simple, fast, and low-cost in comparison to many other types of memory. However, it has high power consumption and is volatile, meaning that it requires power to maintain the stored information and loses the data when the power is interrupted.

In comparison, there’s DRAM’s predecessor, SRAM or Static Random-Access Memory. Slightly more expensive to make, SRAM has the advantage over DRAM in that it does not need to be refreshed because SRAM works by switching the current flow in one of two directions instead of holding a charge in place within a storage cell. SRAM is typically used for cache memory with the CPU and is faster than DRAM. SRAM is faster because it’s capable of byte-level reads and writes as opposed to DRAM’s multiple-byte page-level.

Other forms of RAM include Fast Page Mode DRAM (FPM DRAM), Extended Data Out DRAM (EDO DRAM), Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM), Single Data Rate SDRAM (SDR DRAM), and Double Data Rate SDRAM (DDR SDRAM), to name a few.

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How Does DSL Work? ASAP IT Technology
A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) uses the same wires as a telephone line to generate high-speed internet connection. The wires used in telephone installation can handle a greater range of frequencies than those used for voice. DSL takes advantage of this without having to disturb the line’s ability to carry a conversation.

ADSL, or asymmetric DSL, works on the assumption that users browse more information than they send. ADSL is sensitive to distance, limited to 18,000 feet. The maximum downstream speed is 8 megabits/second and maximum upstream speed is 640 kilobits/second. ADSL can be disqualified when loading coils, which boost voice signals, are used. Bridge taps, fiber-optic cables, and distance can also compromise ADSL signals.

Two standards for ADSL are the discrete multitone system (DMT) and the carrier less amplitude/phases system (CAP). DMT divides data signals into 247 channels, each 4 KHz wide. The system switches between channels to find the optimum for transmission and reception. CAP divides signals into three bands. Voices are carried in the 0 to 4 KHz band, the upstream channel is carried between 25 to 160 KHz, and the downstream channel is carried between 240 KHz and 1.5 MHz. Low-pass filters are used to block signals above 4 KHz. These prevent data signals from interfering with phone calls.
The DSLAM, DSL access multiplexer, consolidates connections from many users onto a single connection to the internet. DSLAM supports multiple types of DSL in a central office and different varieties of protocol and modulation in the same type of DSL. ADSL connections trace back to the DSLAM which prevents performance decrease as users increase.

Other types of DSL include: very high-bit rate DSL (VDSL), symmetric DSL (SDSL), rate-adaptive DSL (RADSL), ISDN DSL (IDSL), and universal DSL (Uni-DSL). DSL alternatives include cable and wireless.

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Personal laptops offer an array of benefits.  Due to its compact size and portability-laptops are very popular among working professionals, business owners, and gamers.  Laptops have a wide range of customers from different fields and use.  Working professionals can now easily take their work with them wherever they go, especially working in remote areas. 

Having a laptop allows accessibility to important documents and emails on the go.  Not only that, laptops can complete difficult tasks and run software that once only ran on powerful desktop computers.  As laptops become the primary choice for a personal and working computer, the use of a universal docking station can expand its use and capabilities. 

Docking stations allows the user to access many USB adapter ports to run extra devices such as hard drives, flash drives, audio devices, keyboards, and much more.   In addition, having a docking station allows for optical media and monitors.  Having a docking station can transform a simple laptop into a full range work-station.  It is ideal for home and business offices. 

Laptops are stronger and more compact than ever before, however, there are certain limitations.  Most laptops have 1-3 USB ports and a smaller viewer screen.  Some may like the convenience of having multiple USB ports to be able to access hard drives and connect to a high-resolution screen while at home or in the office.  The universal docking station is a simple easy to use a device that can maximize the use of laptops better than ever before. 

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By as early as the second half of 2018, Microsoft Corporation has plans to release a line of low-cost Surface tablets. The goal of this new line is to provide a cheaper device than Apple Inc.’s iPad. This is no new effort by Microsoft. In 2012, the software company launched its consumer-oriented hardware promotion, with the introduction of the original Surface RT. At the time, the starting price for the device was $499. After receiving sub-par reviews by both consumers and product reviewers, Microsoft moved on to the much pricier Surface Pro.

This line of tablets was well received and most likely contributed to the demand of Apple’s “Pro” iPad, which launched in 2015.

The new tablets will be equipped with 10-inch screens, which is smaller than the standard 12-inch screen of the Surface Pro laptop line, but about equal to the standard iPad. The new Surface tablet will have a price point of around $400 and will feature round edges like the iPad. USB-C connectivity will be used, which is a first for the Surface line tablets, along with a new charging and syncing standard that is used by latest smartphones.

The tablets are anticipated to be almost twenty percent lighter than the higher end models but will have around four hours left of battery life. The current Surface Pro model has around thirteen and a half hours of battery for one single charge. It has been speculated that Intel Corporation will provide the main processor and graphic cards for the new tablets, although representatives at both companies have declined to comment or confirm.
Apple has sold almost 44 million iPads which has generated almost $20 billion in revenue just these past 4 quarters. The entire Surface hardware business for Microsoft has generated $4.4 billion in the same period. Market research shows that Microsoft has sold almost 725,000 tablets in the first quarter of 2018, which is an increase of 1.8 percent in comparison to early last year. Apple has sold 9.1 million iPads in the same period. Microsoft has plans to release multiple Surface models, include a 64 and 128 gigabyte version that connects to LTE networks and running Windows 10 Pro.
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Jim Keller is a widely known name in the tech world. He is known as the man who brought AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, to the forefront of the industry. He is the man who crafted some of the best known central processing units ever used. He made the choice to leave all of that behind and took a job over at Tesla, to help them build up their artificial intelligence programs, but now, he’s decided to come back to his roots by taking a job at Intel.

This is such huge news because his contributions at AMD allowed them to dominate the market in the early 2000’s. No matter what CPU you were looking at, the K7 designs or the k8 designs, you could see how important of a product they were to the tech industry in the early 2000’s. Both CPU’s made huge strides in the tech world by finally providing a CPU that could actually reach 1GHz, which was ground breaking at the time.

Keller did decide to take a break at AMD and took a job at Apple, in order to help them out on the cellular side. After he built up a flawless team at Apple, he decided to head back to AMD where he worked until 2015 where he moved to Tesla.

Jim Keller joining Intel shows how dedicated Intel is to change. A company that used to be afraid to shake things up is choosing to add new members to its community. These additions are sure to add dimension to a company longing for change.
ASAP It Technology
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The release of Netgear’s Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Wi-Fi router is said to be the next big thing for the online gaming community.  The XR500 takes wireless routers to the next level, boasting many innovative features­­­ – all of which should increase speed and reduce interference and lag time.  Some of the key features making that possible include: four external high-performance antennas; 15 added channels in 5GHz; incredibly fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi; and a dual-core 1.7GHz processor. Netgear has also added a gaming dashboard that is customizable with real-time bandwidth utilization and the ability to stabilize pings.

Netgear’s addition of the DumaOS operating system is sure to optimize user performance, giving its users a serious advantage over their opponents. DumaOS offers its users a solution to bufferfloat (latency that comes from a router having to buffer too much data at once), allowing multiple users in one household the ability to surf the internet without causing the speed to suffer.  Users can also control the amount of bandwidth going to each connected device, allowing your high priority devices to receive as much bandwidth as they may need.

An additional benefit to this new OS is that it comes with a gaming VPN (virtual private network) client.  VPNs act like a firewall, protecting your personal data while you’re online from any unauthorized user access; this means any data you are transmitting will be encrypted and protected.  Today, when hacking and identity theft have become so commonplace, Netgear’s innovative technology is sure to be an asset to the online gaming community.

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This network interface card’s job is to connect a computer to a local network or internet. It does this by creating electrical signals that are both compatible with the computer and the network nearby that it connects to. Basically, all PCs, both desktop, and laptops have a network interface card built in. The card is held securely in the computer by the bracket. This bracket can also have a cable jack or antenna on it with an indicator light that the card is inserted correctly and working.
The most common adapter has a number of computer chips used to process signals from the network to the PC. These computer chips are in a plastic circuit board that can be injected into the actual PC and connecting to the motherboard. There are several types of network interface cards, one of the more recent ones work with Wi-Fi wireless networks through an antenna to send signals.

Not all are wireless, there are also ones that use actual Ethernet cables to connect the computer and internet. Ethernet cables have a plug that connects that network card and the internet as one.
These connections transfer waves and signals to communicate which website you are trying to access and turns them into the data you see on your screen. To put it simply, the card is a middleman for everything you are trying to access on your PC.  The circuit boards are automatically programmed when placed in your computer. The make and model are used to properly pass all of the data specifically for your network. Without programming, these cards do not work.
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Cryptocurrency has been the latest fathom as millions of users adopt the newest way of currency for personal gain. The market is growing as more investors invest into the market but are not limited to the way the market can grow, as it allows “mining”. Producing more cryptocurrency is nothing like counterfeiting dollars or any other currency but adding to the market by a greater generation of electrical power. There are three main ways of mining that have been used by minors are with a CPU, GPU, and ASICs type method.

Most effective to produce substantial amounts of coins have been mined by the ASICs method. Having advantages and disadvantages to the ASICs mining process, it reigns supreme due to its precision capability. This ASIC is so powerful that according to coincentral.com they suggest that,” A Bitcoin ASIC can calculate hashes 100,000 times faster than even the best CPU.”  They are programmed to be very centralized towards a coin that allows only for one ASICs unit to be used for a single hash algorithm. Along with many positives, the ASICs may generate, it also requires lots of energy to produce their hashes, which can be very costly including loud sounds from its cooling fan.

Another very popular way but not as effective as ASIC mining is the GPU mining method. This method is a way to be able to mine using a Graphics Processing Unit originally used to transmit graphics more effectively. Due to the fact that these GPU OEMs have noticed the current use for the product, they have increased their prices tremendously and offered discounts or incentives for users that are using it for other uses other than mining.

Coins mining with CPU is not as efficient as ether or other method and has been deemed obsolete from some coins as it is outworked by ASIC units. If and when CPUs are allowed to mine a certain coin, it takes away from ASIC potentials.

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A new release has been launched from Samsung known as the GDDR6 graphics cards for optimal memory performance. The GDDR6 first ever 16-gigabit graphics double data rate 6 memory has created a newer venture in the graphics card market. First mentioned in 2016 and was predicted to be released in the year 2018.

The GDDDR6 has been composed to be able to save up to 35 percent energy than its previous model the GDDDR5. Although the new innovative characteristics for the GDDDR6 it is said to be.

“ GDDR5 delivers a more than two-fold increase in speed over 8Gb GDDR5 RAM, with speeds hitting up to 72 gigabytes per second (GB/s). “

The GDDR6 is been built on what is known as a 10nm class that can be used between the 10nm – 19nm configuration.

This new GDDR6 graphics chip is awaited to be a new level of performance as Samsung states,” Samsung’s immediate production of GDDR6 will play a critical role in early launches of next-generation graphics cards and systems. With all of its improvements in density, performance and energy efficiency, the 16Gb GDDR6 will be widely used in rapidly growing fields such as 8K Ultra HD video processing, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence.”

Along with many newly implemented traits the GDDDR6 offers 30 % manufacturing productivity gain.

The GDDR6 has been made to be more efficient with the same type of chip component. An article from Extremetech.com mentions that the GDDDR6 efficiency can be measured in four GDDR6 while able to keep a 256GB/s of memory bandwidth. The Graphic is an all-black component with slots lined up in a 5 x 18 formation.

Samsung hopes that this graphics card will be mention among other top components such the HBM2, or the HBM 3.

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