In the world of hardware innovation news, Nvidia launched the GTX 1080 Ti at the end of February. It short-circuited its own highest-end product, the 6-month old Nvidia Titan X, thanks to higher clocks and a highly-reduced price of $700, compared with $1,200. Nvidia is now straightening out that issue with a full- The Titan Xp sports 3840 cores, 240 texture units, and 96 ROPS, compared with the 1080 Ti’s 3584:224:88 composition. We do not know the card’s base clock yet, but Nvidia’s press release declares 3840 CUDA cores running at 1.6GHz.

The Titan Xp would be clocked unquestionably higher than any other GP102 on the market today. It carries a remarkable 547GB/s of memory bandwidth and a 12GB frame buffer. fat GP102 part - the Titan Xp. The Titan Xp sports 3840 cores, 240 texture units and 96 ROPS, compared with the 1080 Ti’s 3584:224:88 composition. We don’t know the card’s base clock yet, but Nvidia’s press release claims 3840 CUDA cores running at 1.6GHz. The Titan Xp would be clocked significantly higher than any other GP102 on the market today. We know it pa 547GB/s of memory bandwidth and a 12GB frame buffer.

Another great thing to come out of this announcement is that Nvidia is promising a new driver set that will add full Mac support for the entire Pascal product lines. Anyone with a 10-series Nvidia GPU should be able to use that GPU in their Mac, with no problem. Unless the customers have a very old Mac.

They haven’t stated if these drivers are limited to Mac Pros that support macOS Sierra (10.12) or not. Only the mid-2010 and mid-2012 Mac Pros were updated officially for Sierra. Xeon workstations from 2008 and 2009 can be unofficially upgraded to Sierra. Nvidia could also be suggesting that it expects to take AMD’s slice of the Apple market when Apple refreshes the Mac Pro. Apple has relied on AMD GPU silicon for a number of years, but that could change if Team Green offered them a better deal.

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K63 Corsair Gaming Keyboard

Corsair recently announced a new portable mechanical gaming keyboard. Dubbed the Corsair K63, the board features a ten-keyless design, which means there is no numerical keyboard. It also features a gold-contact Cherry MX switches and a full complement of devoted media keys. The Corsair K63 packs the beloved Cherry MX Red switches which supplying a light, and a linear feel with an actuation force of 45g. The red switches are common in gaming keyboards as they excel in fast action sequences and allow nominal resistance. The mechanical gaming keyboard also features per-key red LED backlighting that can be controlled individually using Corsair’s Utility Engine application. The software allows more users to reprogram every key individually. For example, if they want to create macros, alternate commands or dynamic lighting effects. It allows the users to alternate to personal alterations.

Other remarkable features include 100 percent anti-ghosting with full key rollover and large font keycaps. The headphone jack facility and USB port is not available within the keyboard due to its compact size. Users will find across the top of the board is a full set of dedicated volume and media keys, an attachment that you normally would not expect on a keyboard designed with portability in mind. The Corsair K63 compact mechanical gaming keyboard is available now and priced at $79.99. You can pick it up through Corsair’s online store or at various authorized retailers.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060

The 14-inch Blade laptop was released in September of last year to much fanfare and at the time boasted an impressive Intel Skylake processor along with a state of the art Nvidia GeForce 10 series graphics card. Razor has decided to upgrade the Blade an upgrade due to Intel having just launched their new high-performance Kaby Lake CPUs at the start of this year. The new Blade upgrade swaps out the Skylake Core i7-6700HQ and supercharges it with the new Kaby Lake Core i7-7700HQ which is for the most part the same size but is clocked up to 300 MHz higher with a base clock of 2.80 Ghz and boost clock of 3.80 Ghz compared to the 2.6/3.5 Ghz of the Skylake Core i7-6700HQ processor. This will provide a minor performance improvement even in CPU-limited workloads. The base model will largely run the same hardware which includes a 1080p IPS display, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, SSD options ranging from 256 GB to 1 TB and 16 GB of RAM. A newer 4k touchscreen display variant will be available for the consumer public in the second quarter of 2017. Although the upgrade Blade is almost $100 more expensive than the previous version it is worth the sticker price due to the performance upgrades and will be available through Razer’s website starting today followed by “select retailers” next week in anticipation of a March launch.

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AMD Graphic Card

Every computer that requires a screen needs a graphics card; how the images and videos appear on a screen is correlated with the processor and most importantly the graphic card. Graphic cards have been popular since the beginning of computers and they have been improving ever since. People who need very clear and fast graphic cards are people who could be graphic designers, gamers, video editors and many more in that nature where graphics means a lot and good graphics require a lot of data that needs a good graphic card to support the speed of data flow required to generate good graphics quickly. AMD has designed a new generation graphic card and they are branding it as “Radeon RX Vega”. This brand will not replace the Radeon RX 500 but instead they are going to co-exist but the Radeon RX Vega is going to be slightly better and improved.

AMD Processors are one of the best if not the best processor when it comes to computer hardware, IT hardware manufacturers prefer to let the companies that are on top of their game when it comes to computer processors to design their best computer processors and graphic cards. For example; you might think what the difference between the RX570 is and the RX 470, the answer is almost nothing except for one thing where the RX 570 is clocked up t 1244 MHz while the RX 470 is clocked at 1206 MHz. This gives the RX 570 some percentage inn performance improvement.

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TensorFlow 1.0 Logo

Building and training neural networks are no longer just for seasoned computer scientist and grad students. That change began with the release of a number of open-source machine learning frameworks like Theano, Spark ML, Microsoft’s CNTK, and the Google’s TensorFlow. One that stands out is TensorFlow for its powerful, yet handy, functionality, conjoined with the impressive gain of its user base. With the release of TensorFlow 1.0, Google has driven the frontiers of machine learning further in a number of directions.

In the production to making TensorFlow a more-general machine learning structure, Google has added both built-in Estimator functionality, and support for a number of more conventional machine learning algorithms including K-means, SVM (Support Vector Machines), and Random Forest. While there are surely other groundworks like SparkML that support those tools, having a solution that can combine them with neural networks makes TensorFlow a great option for hybrid problems. TensorFlow 1.0 also offers amazing performance improvements and scaling. In one measure, a training session running on a 64-processor machine ran nearly 60 times as fast as one running on a single processor.

One of the many impressive new potentials of Google TensorFlow is that its models can be run on many smartphones. TF1.0 even takes the convenience of the Hexagon DSP that is built into Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 CPU. Google is already using this to function applications like Translate and Word Lens even when your phone is completely offline. Before now, Sophisticated methods like those required for translation or speech perception required real-time access to the cloud and its compute servers.

As powerful as TensorFlow is, composing a complicated model directly in its API takes quite a bit of knowledge, and some precise programming. The Keras programming interface provides a more user-friendly layer on top of TensorFlow (and Theano) that make engineering high-end networks cleverly simple. Keras also includes a number of pre-trained models for easy instantiation. Given the intensive nature of assembling the large datasets needed to train models, and the processor-intensive nature of training, it helps creates a major benefit for developers.

Google TensorFlow 1.0 is now ready to download. Currently, Keras is a separate package that is easy to install using pip or your preferred package manager, but Google aims to have it built-in to the 1.2 release of TensorFlow. There are many adjustments but Google is even providing a helpful script that will try to update any existing codes, if needed. Which is typical of machine learning tools, you will get a better performance running on a support GPU, but now there are even options to spin your models up in the cloud. For example, Y combinator-backed startup

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macbook pro

Apple Inc. is an American company. It is a multinational technology that is headquartered in Cupertino, California. Which is a suburb of San Jose. They are popular for developing and selling consumer electronics, computer software and online series. Many American or many people around the world are using their products. They have great phone, laptops. Their prices are higher than usual but they are efficient and are work paying more money for them. They recently released the released an update for people that would be accessible on the apple’s app page. This update is for iOS, watchOS and tv OS they released the newest version which is the 10.12.3 of macPS Sierra. This was released to the public.

All the sierra installer downloaded should have this update which is really good and efficient. They are always trying to make it more efficient for people and they have been doing a good job at it ever since starting. Many people are happy about this new update. They are excited because this new update is limited in scope. Many pf the problems that were brought it up in the old versions have been fixed. problems such as graphic problems that were with adobe premiere pro projects have been fixed in both the 13 and the 15 inch models which is a lot more convenient. this update also fixed many other minor problems. For example, the PDF in preview were fixed.

There were a couple one was to prevent searching through scanned documents and on another other problem is regarding resolving compatibility problems with encrypted PDF documents. Finally, another example of what has been resolved is when importing pictures from digital camera a bug has been established to prevent from any unspecified third party apps.

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Since Raspberry Pi has been introduced to the market it has been a smashing success garnering single-board computer rivals from every nook and cranny of the world. The latest challenger is the Tinker Board from Asus. Asus’ new Tinker Board promises consumers that it will top the Raspberry Pi 3 in power and features. Although remarkably similar in looks to the offering from Asus, the Tinker Board has double the RAM at 2 GB of LPDDR3 dual channel, compared to 1 GB LPDDR2 offered by Raspberry Pi 3. It also can boast the latest gen of SDIO and Gigabit Ethernet. However the real defining factor is the processor which rocks a rocked up 32 bit Rockchip RK3288 quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 which blows the Pi 3's 64-bit Cortex-A53 chip out of the water.

The Rockchip’s 1.8Ghz clock speed leaves the Pi’s 1.2 Ghz in the dust. The Tinker Board can also support 4k video and 192kHz/24-bit audio due to the extra horsepower which makes it the ideal choice for projects that outpaces the Pi 3’s capabilities. With 4k support, faster Ethernet transmission, added flexibility for memory size and higher SoC performance, the Tinker Board was made to take over the Raspberry Pi 3’s throne. Currently on sale at around $68, the Tinker Board is the more expensive option however it remains to be seen if the extra options and more powerful components will indeed challenge the Pi which has sold over 10 million units.

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mechanical keyboard

Extreme Tech discussing how to choose the right mechanical keyboard that will work best for you. With regular keyboards, the contact on the keyboard triggers one the keyboard is pressed all the way down. As time goes on, the keyboard experiences wear and tear in which the rubber membrane located below the keys get more worn down. This causes the tactile feel of the keyboard to be inconsistent and sometimes mushy. Laptop keyboards aren’t any better as they use a scissor switch. Mechanical keyboards solve this problem by providing more of a tactile feeling.

Before bottoming out on a keyboard press, the mechanical keyboard and actuate before the point of bottoming out. On cherry corporation manufacturer contact switches on mechanical keyboards, “a stem moves into the housing and pushes metal contacts together” says Whitman. This occurs when a button is pushed on the keyboard.

There are other types of mechanical keyboards such as the topre switch. Here is what Whitman says about it. “Topre switches are popular, but rather expensive. These switches have a stiff rubber dome and a conical spring. Here, the actuation is triggered by a change in capacitance of the spring as you press. The are also Alps-style metal contacts, buckling springs, and Hall effect switches. These are all fairly uncommon in modern boards, though.”

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Kaby Lake Processors
Intel processing systems are without a doubt the most sophisticated processing systems that have been out till today. When the processing power has become so powerful; innovation is just around the corner. Intel has announced that they will be releasing the latest version of their processing system “Kaby Lake” which comes right after “SkyLake” processing system which was the dominant system for the past two years (2015-16). Last year Intel released a limited amount of the “Kaby Lake” processors in some of the light weight laptops and some of the convertibles, these processors were powering high performance computing capabilities and Intel decided to release their processing components on a full scale from light weight laptops to a heavy duty gaming laptops and socketed desktop processors.

The new Kaby processing system is showing a higher clock speed than SkyLake, it is also designed to save more power; and therefore more energy efficient. Intel computer hardware also includes video capability to support a 4K picture at 60Hz using an HDMI cable and allows hardware to support the video from the file that’s playing it and to project it on the screen. However, the DisplayPort version is going to stay at 1.2. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is Intel working on, Intel is working on increasing their 15W and 28W dual-core U-series with Iris Pro GPUs with 72 EU and 128MB of eDRAM. When comparing Kaby Lake with SKyLake there won’t be much difference but when you compare older versions there will be a significant increase in resolution and graphics. Intel is also planning on releasing a new H-series which will consist of nine different processors.

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ErgoDox Ez Mech Keyboard
I think everyone can agree on the fact that keyboards are underestimated. They are very important in our life. So many people own different types and kinds of keyboard. Many are satisfied and some are not. There are so many different types and so many different sizes. Many always come up with solutions to have the most practical keyboard. Recently Jack Wallen came up with a good idea with a new keyboard. This ErgoDox EZ Keyboard is an ergonomic, mechanical keyboard. It is open sources. What is crazy and amazing at the same time is that it can be programmable. The keyboard itself is genius and has amazing power and flexibility.

This mechanical keyboard has key switches that offer a very satisfying feel and it makes typing a much better experience. It is built to come in 2 halves that are easy to connect and can be placed based on the comfort level of each individual. It is said to be one of the most powerful programmable keyboards on the planet. That is impressive. This keyboard can be laid out in many ways which is one of the main reasons it makes it one of the most powerful programmable keyboard. Another reason is that it has am audio jack rather than a fixed cable. It comes with a USB jack which makes it even easier to transport. This keyboard is available for anyone who wished to buy it. It comes assembled with everything that is needed. The setup is very easy. This keyboard can also be customizable, it can take some time for people to adjust to it but as many reviews show that it is rated the best keyboard. This keyboard is especially good for programmers and anyone that simply uses a computer. It is only 240 and though many people think it is not affordable, but many do not realize how good it is and that it can last a lifetime.

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