By as early as the second half of 2018, Microsoft Corporation has plans to release a line of low-cost Surface tablets. The goal of this new line is to provide a cheaper device than Apple Inc.’s iPad. This is no new effort by Microsoft. In 2012, the software company launched its consumer-oriented hardware promotion, with the introduction of the original Surface RT. At the time, the starting price for the device was $499. After receiving sub-par reviews by both consumers and product reviewers, Microsoft moved on to the much pricier Surface Pro.

This line of tablets was well received and most likely contributed to the demand of Apple’s “Pro” iPad, which launched in 2015.

The new tablets will be equipped with 10-inch screens, which is smaller than the standard 12-inch screen of the Surface Pro laptop line, but about equal to the standard iPad. The new Surface tablet will have a price point of around $400 and will feature round edges like the iPad. USB-C connectivity will be used, which is a first for the Surface line tablets, along with a new charging and syncing standard that is used by latest smartphones.

The tablets are anticipated to be almost twenty percent lighter than the higher end models but will have around four hours left of battery life. The current Surface Pro model has around thirteen and a half hours of battery for one single charge. It has been speculated that Intel Corporation will provide the main processor and graphic cards for the new tablets, although representatives at both companies have declined to comment or confirm.
Apple has sold almost 44 million iPads which has generated almost $20 billion in revenue just these past 4 quarters. The entire Surface hardware business for Microsoft has generated $4.4 billion in the same period. Market research shows that Microsoft has sold almost 725,000 tablets in the first quarter of 2018, which is an increase of 1.8 percent in comparison to early last year. Apple has sold 9.1 million iPads in the same period. Microsoft has plans to release multiple Surface models, include a 64 and 128 gigabyte version that connects to LTE networks and running Windows 10 Pro.
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Jim Keller is a widely known name in the tech world. He is known as the man who brought AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, to the forefront of the industry. He is the man who crafted some of the best known central processing units ever used. He made the choice to leave all of that behind and took a job over at Tesla, to help them build up their artificial intelligence programs, but now, he’s decided to come back to his roots by taking a job at Intel.

This is such huge news because his contributions at AMD allowed them to dominate the market in the early 2000’s. No matter what CPU you were looking at, the K7 designs or the k8 designs, you could see how important of a product they were to the tech industry in the early 2000’s. Both CPU’s made huge strides in the tech world by finally providing a central processing unit that could actually reach 1GHz, which was ground breaking at the time.

Keller did decide to take a break at AMD and took a job at Apple, in order to help them out on the cellular side. After he built up a flawless team at Apple, he decided to head back to AMD where he worked until 2015 where he moved to Tesla.

Jim Keller joining Intel shows how dedicated Intel is to change. A company that used to be afraid to shake things up is choosing to add new members to its community. These additions are sure to add dimension to a company longing for change.

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The release of Netgear’s Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Wi-Fi router is said to be the next big thing for the online gaming community.  The XR500 takes wireless routers to the next level, boasting many innovative features­­­ – all of which should increase speed and reduce interference and lag time.  Some of the key features making that possible include: four external high-performance antennas; 15 added channels in 5GHz; incredibly fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi; and a dual-core 1.7GHz processor. Netgear has also added a gaming dashboard that is customizable with real-time bandwidth utilization and the ability to stabilize pings.

Netgear’s addition of the DumaOS operating system is sure to optimize user performance, giving its users a serious advantage over their opponents. DumaOS offers its users a solution to bufferfloat (latency that comes from a router having to buffer too much data at once), allowing multiple users in one household the ability to surf the internet without causing the speed to suffer.  Users can also control the amount of bandwidth going to each connected device, allowing your high priority devices to receive as much bandwidth as they may need.

An additional benefit to this new OS is that it comes with a gaming VPN (virtual private network) client.  VPNs act like a firewall, protecting your personal data while you’re online from any unauthorized user access; this means any data you are transmitting will be encrypted and protected.  Today, when hacking and identity theft have become so commonplace, Netgear’s innovative technology is sure to be an asset to the online gaming community.

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AMD processors have been on a great competition with Intel’s processing systems, AMD is now coming back with a strong product using Zen architecture. They stated in their recent press event that they are coming and just getting started. There has been some leaks to what is there to come from AMD and it looks promising. AMD is requesting improvement in instructions per clock for Zen. However, there has been some revealed evidence when it comes to the 8-core, 16-thread Summit Ridge system that some of the applications are outperforming some of Intel’s Broadwell-E processor in some applications. The new Zen architecture features a new micro-op cache and is built on a 14nm FinFET process. AMD has also mentioned that it is already thinking and working on the next 32-core, 64-thread Zen processor. It’s going to be running in a dual-CPU configuration Windows Server. They haven’t mentioned anything else.

AMD has been excited for this new launch and they are looking at it as one of the biggest launches because it’s going to show AMD at its best with the new Zen architecture. Over the last few years AMD has made an investment to develop the best CPU system that can be considered as a leading product. Customers are excited for this new launch as well. AMD claims that the new Zen Architecture was not meant to compete with Intel but instead they want the new central processing unit roadmap to work very well with a variety of applications and different systems and servers.

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Intel’s new T5500 and 5700 chips have the Gen9 processors that allow for 4k video to virtual reality headsets. The Gen9 is considered an integrated graphics processor. The Atom chips have the code name: Broxton.

A while back in 2009 Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, infamously talked down on the Atom notebooks for have under-performing hardware. However that was over 7 years ago and now, the Atom chips have immensely improved since then.

The Atom T5500 and 5700 chips have features that are now being found in low-end PC processors. In addition to this, the Atom chips are actually being targeted for usage in drones, robots, wearable, and home devices. What makes the Atom chips so unique is that it can provide 4k decoding and encoding capabilities. Not only can this but the chips also support at a maximum of three 4K Display Port and HDMI displays at a refresh rate of 60Hz. There will also be an image processing engine that is considered next generation that will help speed up visual computing.

The Atom chips will support operating systems such as Windows 10 desktop, Linux, Windows 10 IoT Core, Android, and the VxWorks real time OS.

Here is what Shah said in terms of how to obtain the chip.

“You can get the new Atom chip through Intel's latest Joule developer board, which like Raspberry Pi 3, is targeted at people looking to build devices. The $369 Joule 570x has a 1.7GHz Atom T5700 processor, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 16GB of storage, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.”

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Intel recently announced that they are going to possibly make the project alloy Headset that can give individuals a mixed reality. Brian Krazanich the CEO of Intel recently held meeting in San Francisco where he held a prototype project alloy headset on stage.

Intel believes that the headsets can be a new class of PC in the future. Therefore, the company has been trying to promote their work and what are their future plans.  They recently introduced project alloy which is a prototype headset that runs on Microsoft windows holographic platform, and it could support other VR and AR platforms in the Future.

Just like they have great reputation for their PC’s, Intel is going to try to set the same expectations for their upcoming products and headsets. To make sure they keep their high reputation they are providing guidance to device makers on multiple factors, first they are guiding them on how to design, integrate hardware, resolve camera issues and how provide ideas on production

The Project alloy headset has a skylark laptop chip, but to this day they do not have specific dedicated chip for headsets that are also self-contained computers. This can be a small setback but Intel keeps their hopes up. Since they have a lot of experience such as they have provided reference designs for ultra-books, laptops, smartphones and 1-in-1s, therefor they have great potential to build a great headset they have a high potential to design a good working headset.

Since VR is already catching on quickly with products such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vinve, Analyst firms are projecting growth of headset shipments, therefore it makes sense for Intel to have VR specific chips. IDC is projecting a huge growth for VR/AR headset shipments. They are expecting to reach 9.6 million units this year and 11 million units by 2020. Project alloy provides a powerful mixed experience, and that’s the kind of market Intel wants to develop. Intel is starting to back more PC style mixed reality experiences over mobile VR.

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China and the United States compete at the forefront of the supercomputing race. China currently leads the way with the announced Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer placing first on the Top 500 List. This processor reached a Linpack benchmark of 93 petaflops, and claimed 124.5 petaflops at its peak, making it the fastest computer in present day.

The US seeks to not only reach a competitive speed, but to surpass it entirely. The United Sates Department of Energy responded to China with claims of a new supercomputer under development by IBM at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This new processor dubbed Summit will have a 200 petaflops capability at its peak. The revelation of the new computer gave a shock to many, especially as the claims are double the TaihuLight’s current capabilities. Until the Summit is released, the TaihuLight will remain to be on the first place.

The Department of Energy is confident in the goal set, despite how far-reaching it is believed to be by others. Since 1993, supercomputing abilities have exponentially increased by a factor of 300,000. Cray’s Titan, and IBM’s Sequoia are two US supercomputers trailing Chinese processors at #3 and #4 on the Top 500 list. Though there’s a large gap of 75.42 petaflops between the TaihuLight and the Titan, by 2018, US supercomputers have been predicted to reach 150 petaflops. That forecast, and the recent breakthrough from China, make IMB’s goal appear more attainable.

Though specifics have not been released, it is known that the processor will include thousands of Power8 Central Processing Units designed by IBM and Nvidia’s Volta GPUs, both manufactured for the highest-end supercomputers. IBM plans on ensuring the processor is extra efficient, especially when considering the overall power in these supercomputers. More assumptions are made about the type of capabilities Summit will really have. If IBM expects to surpass the bar, it has to take a data centric computing approach in the development of the architecture of the processor.

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The Hewlett Packard Office Jet Pro 8620 is capable of scanning, copying, printing, as well as faxing.This all-in-one wireless photo printer is able to make a professional impression and showcase your business through the use of its high-quality color printing, with operating costs with up to 50% lower cost per page compared to lasers. The Hewlett Packard OfficeJet Pro 8620 is capable of printing from your tablet, your smartphone, or your notebook from across the office or on the go. Despite lacking network-using wireless options, this all-in-one printer is direct and simple. It uses Ethernet for wired connective and can handle more tasks without slowing down. This HewlettPackard OfficeJet Pro 8620 printer is compatible with Windows 10 and is intended to increase business efficiency.

“Easily print from anywhere using your phone or tablet (Airprint on iPhone or iPad). Speedy print speeds of 21 pages/minute black and white, or 16.5 pages/minute color. Also capable of borderless and double-sided printing,” reported Computer World. Save up to 50% on Ink with HP Instant Ink: ordered by your printer and delivered to your door before you run out (optional subscription required).”

This Hewlett Packard OfficeJet Pro 8620 printer averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon from more than 1,100 people.

“With a regular list price of $299.99, the 8620 has been reduced by 25% to just $225.00,” reported Computer World.

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Networking components and Memory Vendor Cisco expects the network spending to continue being hampered by the economic uncertainty as evidenced by the downward trend in revenue over the past year. That won’t change anytime soon according to Cisco Systems which issued a statement on Wednesday revealing they are bracing for the overall impact and remain extremely cautious about replacing LANs that still work. Even though the dominant networking vendor reported higher sales numbers for the past three months ending in April 30th, Cisco cited stock-market fluctuations back in January.

Stocks for the company have since rebounded but the orders for campus network gear haven’t done as well. Overall the revenue was down about three percent this past quarter according to CEO Chuck Robbins. What’s worse is Cisco doesn’t expect any improvement in the current quarter which ends in July. Citing the political upheaval in Brazil as well as the upcoming vote on Britain leaving the European Union which Cisco vehemently opposes as key reasons why the company aren’t expecting revenue to rebound. But the downward economic trend helps Cisco in other ways such as suppressing startup valuations enabling Cisco to snatch up companies like Acano, Jasper Technologies and CliQr at a much faster pace than usual.

Cisco is always on the lookout for companies that fit and although buyouts will slow down in the coming months that should allow ample time for Cisco to end their quarter on a good note. Webscale customers represent a huge portion of Cisco’s business and huge companies like Google and Facebook will need to keep expanding their huge data centers and adopt to automation in order to cut costs. With a clear path to deploying a model that both diversifies and amplifies their portfolio Cisco will rebound in a resounding manner. Cisco’s model for future networks can be seen in its Meraki division. The Meraki division sells network gear with cloud-based management and policy and their success has resulted in sales growing in double digits. Cisco reported $12 billion in revenue this past quarter which is up by 3% from last year with a reported profit of 2.3 billion.

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ASUS recently revealed their new VivoStick, which is able to turn any device with an HDMI display into your own personal computer.

The device uses an Intel Atom processor with two gigabytes of RAM, and is roughly the same size as a USB drive. Additionally, it has an extra 32GB of onboard storage space. The familiar thumb drive design makes it very user-friendly. It has an 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® 4.1, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port and an audio jack. The internal fan cools the stick while maintaining a high level of performance.

A user can stream content such as videos, photos, or full movies stored on an external device to a larger screen with this connection. Features such as a mouse, wireless keyboard, and a Windows operating system are standard. It can even be used to access an Xbox One video game console.

The Vivostick is useful for business, educational, and personal use. Whether you are on the go all the time, or are just looking for a more efficient way to run your company, the VivoStick could be the perfect solution for you. Anywhere that has an HDMI port can now be a PC. It is also safeguarded against viruses to protect the users.

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