GeForce GTX 1000 Series GTX 1080 and GTX 070 Hitting the Marketplace in May and June

On May 7th 2016, Ryan Smith wrote an article that was uploaded to Anand Tech that talks about the release of the Nvidia GeForce Series that are planning to be open to the public in May and June. There was an event held in Austin, Texas where Nvidia accounted the new 1000 series for the GeForce. These GPU’s set a very high bar in terms efficiency and performance compared to models in the past.

The GTX 1080 was released in May 27th and the GTX 1070 was released on June 10th. The GTX 1080 costs $599 and the GTX 1070 costs $379.

To get an idea of how the two models match up to its predecessors, Smith compared these to two older models: the GTX 980 and GTX 780. Here is some of the comparisons in terms of specifications.

GTX 1080 has the most CUDA cores at 2560. GTX 980 has 2048 and GTX 780 has 2304. GTX 1080 has the most Texture Units at 160. GTX 980 has 128 and GTX 780 has 192. GTX 1080 has the highest core clock at 1607 MHz. GTX 980 has 1126 MHz and GTX 780 has 863 MHz. GTX 1080 has the highest boost clock at 1733 MHz. GTX 980 has 1216 MHz and GTX 780 has 900 MHz. GTX 1080 has the highest TFLOPs at 9. GTX 1070 has 6.5, GTX 980 has 5, and GTX 780 has 4.1. Nvidia was founded in April 1993.

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