On January 27, 2015, the data storage manufacturing company, Quantum Corporation, announced three new cloud storage solutions. The new systems will integrate the cloud into multi-tier, hybrid storage architectures for demanding workloads. Unlike the current standard of a generic, one-size cloud storage approach, Quantum Corporation’s Q-Cloud solutions will allow customers to utilize Quantum’s innovative data management software to store their data in the cloud whenever deemed optimal to the application or workflow.

Q-Cloud Archive and Q-Cloud Vault utilize the power of the public cloud as an off-site tier within a Quantum StorNext 5 workflow environment. The Q-Cloud Protect for Amazon Web Services allows for customers using Quantum's DXi® deduplication software to duplicate data to the Amazon Web Services cloud. All together, these three new cloud solutions will allow customers to utilize the full benefits of the cloud while avoiding any application or process changes.

Quantum Corporation’s Q-Cloud Archive and Q-Cloud Vault are public cloud storage services. This system provides customers with a fast and instant access to data in the cloud system. In addition, the system will provide data security and recovery through its Q-Cloud Vault. Other features and benefits include:

  • Automated policy data movement through a full integration in StorNext 5-managed workflows
  • No additional required hardware or software
  • Quick change of workload demands
  • Reliable cloud system for the global public
  • Simple and straightforward pricing and billing
  • Protected and encrypted data during use and rest

Quantum’s partnership with Amazon allows their service of Q-Cloud Protect to be offered as a subscription service through the Amazon Marketplace. In addition to allowing customers to duplicate from physical or virtual DXi appliance on premise to a virtual DXi instance in the Amazon Web Services cloud, this system also offers:

  • A quick and straightforward access point to Amazon’s public cloud
  • No changes to the processes or applications
  • Increased savings in cost through the data deduplication feature
  • U.S. federal government support for those using AWS GovCloud
  • Protected and encrypted data during use and rest
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