Corsair recently announced a new portable mechanical gaming keyboard. Dubbed the Corsair K63, the board features a ten-keyless design, which means there is no numerical keyboard. It also features a gold-contact Cherry MX switches and a full complement of devoted media keys. The Corsair K63 packs the beloved Cherry MX Red switches which supplying a light, and a linear feel with an actuation force of 45g. The red switches are common in gaming keyboards as they excel in fast action sequences and allow nominal resistance. The mechanical gaming keyboard also features per-key red LED backlighting that can be controlled individually using Corsair’s Utility Engine application. The software allows more users to reprogram every key individually. For example, if they want to create macros, alternate commands or dynamic lighting effects. It allows the users to alternate to personal alterations.

Other remarkable features include 100 percent anti-ghosting with full key rollover and large font keycaps. The headphone jack facility and USB port is not available within the keyboard due to its compact size. Users will find across the top of the board is a full set of dedicated volume and media keys, an attachment that you normally would not expect on a keyboard designed with portability in mind. The Corsair K63 compact mechanical gaming keyboard is available now and priced at $79.99. You can pick it up through Corsair’s online store or at various authorized retailers.

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I think everyone can agree on the fact that keyboards are underestimated. They are very important in our life. So many people own different types and kinds of keyboard. Many are satisfied and some are not. There are so many different types and so many different sizes. Many always come up with solutions to have the most practical keyboard. Recently Jack Wallen came up with a good idea with a new keyboard. This ErgoDox EZ Keyboard is an ergonomic, mechanical keyboard. It is open sources. What is crazy and amazing at the same time is that it can be programmable. The keyboard itself is genius and has amazing power and flexibility.

This mechanical keyboard has key switches that offer a very satisfying feel and it makes typing a much better experience. It is built to come in 2 halves that are easy to connect and can be placed based on the comfort level of each individual. It is said to be one of the most powerful programmable keyboards on the planet. That is impressive. This keyboard can be laid out in many ways which is one of the main reasons it makes it one of the most powerful programmable keyboard. Another reason is that it has am audio jack rather than a fixed cable. It comes with a USB jack which makes it even easier to transport. This keyboard is available for anyone who wished to buy it. It comes assembled with everything that is needed. The setup is very easy. This keyboard can also be customizable, it can take some time for people to adjust to it but as many reviews show that it is rated the best keyboard. This keyboard is especially good for programmers and anyone that simply uses a computer. It is only 240 and though many people think it is not affordable, but many do not realize how good it is and that it can last a lifetime.

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