Intel moves to bigger and better with ARM chips

Intel is a company that is constantly evolving. All their products are reliable and are made easy to use. They are constantly looking for improvement and easier ways to make usage of their upcoming technology. They recently announced that they were cancelling their tablets and smartphone products, but they did not mention anything about their computer or computer processors. This was shocking for many people and many thought they were going to be producing many products. But actually they decided that they want to exit their Android market and be on their own. Many people did not like that they are cancelling their products but then again not many people used their products such as the smart phones. Many people saw this as a sign, a sign of weakness from them and a sign that they can’t compete against other companies. For example, companies, such as Samsung. But people didn’t know that intel’s plan was bigger than just stopping their products. They had a plan to license standard ARM cores.

This can be really beneficial for ARM, they mentioned that

“this deal will cover future ARM products, dubbed ARM POP technology”

they also said that this will allot ARM for a quicker knowledge transfer

“enabling customers to lower their risk in implementing the most advances ARM cores on Intel’s leading edge process technology”.

Intel mentions that they have been collaborating with many other companies as well as working with ARM. Intel is offering their best to many companies and is benefiting a lot of them. The ARM chips that they are offering and producing are very beneficial and useful for a lot of the companies.

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