Microsoft Announces the Roll Out of Their Subscription Program

Microsoft announced its launching of a brand-new program, that will be by subscription. This program is for surface computers and tablets, and can be purchased the same way that people purchase cell phones. This includes, no interest financing for exactly two years and the ability to upgrade to a new device before the term period is over. This launch came out just in time for back to school season, since students and schools would be the main target for this specific program. The start of this problem is a all part of a bigger plan by Microsoft to gain new movement in schools within the united states.

Apparently, most of the schools that do have computers have a majority of google chromebooks and not Microsoft and Apple, a problem that Microsoft is trying to solve. The new program is called surface plus and it is available for purchase through the Microsoft Store in person and online. The computer options for this program include the surface pro, the laptop, surface book and surface studio. This program will allow customer to trade in their old machine for a new machine after 18 months but, only if the Microsoft hardware is in good condition upon return. The push for this program adopt is since Microsoft has had a decline on its hardware for the past three quarters.

The company’s revenue has also fallen 2% in the last quarter because of the decline in sales. Along with surface plus for students, Microsoft is also introducing a surface plus for the business world. This option offers multiple machines under one signed contract, and includes the option to finance a 55-inch surface hub. However, this deal does come with a flaw, an interest rate of 19.99% happens after two years. Microsoft surface hardware is increasing in creativity.


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