Intel Releases All Its Kaby Lake Processors

Intel processing systems are without a doubt the most sophisticated processing systems that have been out till today. When the processing power has become so powerful; innovation is just around the corner. Intel has announced that they will be releasing the latest version of their processing system “Kaby Lake” which comes right after “SkyLake” processing system which was the dominant system for the past two years (2015-16). Last year Intel released a limited amount of the “Kaby Lake” processors in some of the light weight laptops and some of the convertibles, these processors were powering high performance computing capabilities and Intel decided to release their processing components on a full scale from light weight laptops to a heavy duty gaming laptops and socketed desktop processors.

The new Kaby processing system is showing a higher clock speed than SkyLake, it is also designed to save more power; and therefore more energy efficient. Intel computer hardware also includes video capability to support a 4K picture at 60Hz using an HDMI cable and allows hardware to support the video from the file that’s playing it and to project it on the screen. However, the DisplayPort version is going to stay at 1.2. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is Intel working on, Intel is working on increasing their 15W and 28W dual-core U-series with Iris Pro GPUs with 72 EU and 128MB of eDRAM. When comparing Kaby Lake with SKyLake there won’t be much difference but when you compare older versions there will be a significant increase in resolution and graphics. Intel is also planning on releasing a new H-series which will consist of nine different processors.

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