IBM Introduces the New Power8 Server Packs

Quantum physics is not the only quantum field being researched, IBM is introducing a quantum computing research and a brain like chip that is going to be called TrueNorth. IBM is also bringing interesting technologies to its current Power server lineup. There is also a new interconnect, S822LC server, that developed new speeds in order to allow high performance computers to have faster connection between the CPU and the graphic processing system. The team has been working on this for years and it has been based on the Nvidia homegrown NVLink technology interconnect. There are few servers that have this technology available, the IBM’s two socket server which is based off the power8 CPUs has been one of the fist processing systems to use this technology. If you are wandering about the NVLink it’s essentially an upgrade to the PCI-Express 3.0, a communication based system between the GPU and the rest of the system.

Among the first vendors to supply the NVLink –compatible server is IBM, however Nvidia has already mentioned that by next year over 80 companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell and other companies are going to start shipping out the new server. Nvidia has already started shipping the new server and its estimated price around $129,000. It has 8 Tesla P100 GPUs with the NVLink interface. Those servers are used as co-processors to speed applications and run faster databases, engineers are finding engineering related applications that they can benefit from those servers. From what the current situation shows is that only the Tesla P100 GPU is taking advantage of the NVLink data transfer speeds. Also the 2U server can have up to 4 GPUs connected to it. IBM hasn’t provided a price for their product but they already have started distributing their product worldwide.

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