Google and Rackspace Come Together to Develop IBM Power Chip Servers

IBM is set to unveil its new OpenPower chip, Power9. With a partnership between Google and Rackspace, IBM’s Power9 can be a game changer in the server chip market, usually dominated by Intel. IBM made this announcement at IBM’s OpenPower Summit.

Google, a company that needs no introduction built a homegrown server using IBM Power chip that was developed for testing purposes two years ago. This was a first inclination that Google is serious about using IBM within its infrastructure. Google and Rackspace announced together that they will be submitting content in Facebook’s Open Compute Project, allowing other companies to build their data center servers the same exact way.

Marie Mahony, a hardware engineering manager at Google and director of the OpenPower Foundation states

“Demand for compute at Google has been relentless, and it is not slowing down anytime soon" and that the power architecture is now “fully supported across our toolchain”

After this announcement, Rackspace a cloud computing management company closed the market at $23.65 a whopping 6.6% jump from previous days. Rackspace designed a previous Power-based server, called Barreleye before hooking up with Google.

Aaron Sullivan, a distinguished engineer at Rackspace states the two main reasons they were in favor of Power is

“that it is a good, high-performance central processing unit, and the other is that Moore’s Law alone can no longer deliver sufficient gains from one generation of processor to the next”.

The saying goes, “competition brings out the best in products”. With IMB’s Power9, Intel is going to have its work cut out for them if they want to continue domination for the chip processor market.

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