Extreme Tech discussing how to choose the right mechanical keyboard that will work best for you. With regular keyboards, the contact on the keyboard triggers one the keyboard is pressed all the way down. As time goes on, the keyboard experiences wear and tear in which the rubber membrane located below the keys get more worn down. This causes the tactile feel of the keyboard to be inconsistent and sometimes mushy. Laptop keyboards aren’t any better as they use a scissor switch. Mechanical keyboards solve this problem by providing more of a tactile feeling.

Before bottoming out on a keyboard press, the mechanical keyboard and actuate before the point of bottoming out. On cherry corporation manufacturer contact switches on mechanical keyboards, “a stem moves into the housing and pushes metal contacts together” says Whitman. This occurs when a button is pushed on the keyboard.

There are other types of mechanical keyboards such as the topre switch. Here is what Whitman says about it. “Topre switches are popular, but rather expensive. These switches have a stiff rubber dome and a conical spring. Here, the actuation is triggered by a change in capacitance of the spring as you press. The are also Alps-style metal contacts, buckling springs, and Hall effect switches. These are all fairly uncommon in modern boards, though.”

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Intel processing systems are without a doubt the most sophisticated processing systems that have been out till today. When the processing power has become so powerful; innovation is just around the corner. Intel has announced that they will be releasing the latest version of their processing system “Kaby Lake” which comes right after “SkyLake” processing system which was the dominant system for the past two years (2015-16). Last year Intel released a limited amount of the “Kaby Lake” processors in some of the light weight laptops and some of the convertibles, these processors were powering high performance computing capabilities and Intel decided to release their processing components on a full scale from light weight laptops to a heavy duty gaming laptops and socketed desktop processors.

The new Kaby processing system is showing a higher clock speed than SkyLake, it is also designed to save more power; and therefore more energy efficient. Intel computer hardware also includes video capability to support a 4K picture at 60Hz using an HDMI cable and allows hardware to support the video from the file that’s playing it and to project it on the screen. However, the DisplayPort version is going to stay at 1.2. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is Intel working on, Intel is working on increasing their 15W and 28W dual-core U-series with Iris Pro GPUs with 72 EU and 128MB of eDRAM. When comparing Kaby Lake with SKyLake there won’t be much difference but when you compare older versions there will be a significant increase in resolution and graphics. Intel is also planning on releasing a new H-series which will consist of nine different processors.

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I think everyone can agree on the fact that keyboards are underestimated. They are very important in our life. So many people own different types and kinds of keyboard. Many are satisfied and some are not. There are so many different types and so many different sizes. Many always come up with solutions to have the most practical keyboard. Recently Jack Wallen came up with a good idea with a new keyboard. This ErgoDox EZ Keyboard is an ergonomic, mechanical keyboard. It is open sources. What is crazy and amazing at the same time is that it can be programmable. The keyboard itself is genius and has amazing power and flexibility.

This mechanical keyboard has key switches that offer a very satisfying feel and it makes typing a much better experience. It is built to come in 2 halves that are easy to connect and can be placed based on the comfort level of each individual. It is said to be one of the most powerful programmable keyboards on the planet. That is impressive. This keyboard can be laid out in many ways which is one of the main reasons it makes it one of the most powerful programmable keyboard. Another reason is that it has am audio jack rather than a fixed cable. It comes with a USB jack which makes it even easier to transport. This keyboard is available for anyone who wished to buy it. It comes assembled with everything that is needed. The setup is very easy. This keyboard can also be customizable, it can take some time for people to adjust to it but as many reviews show that it is rated the best keyboard. This keyboard is especially good for programmers and anyone that simply uses a computer. It is only 240 and though many people think it is not affordable, but many do not realize how good it is and that it can last a lifetime.

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WD which stands for western digital is a trusted leader. It was established in 1970. Their main goal is to always look for ways to improve their technology. They are also always looking for ways to improve the processes. Products, and their people. They tend to take best ideas from their employees and have a family oriented business which leads for best results. Their plan is to send and ship it to customers for testing. This new drive has never been and it unlike anything that has been done before.

It is known to have the highest capacity hard drive that has even been developed, it is mainly used for data center. These especially need large capacity hard drives to hold many information to databases and social networks. This is especially good for big corporations to use since they have large databases that need to be kept in one place. This hard drive is very reliable. It is efficient mainly because the drives are infused with helium and gas that is lighter than air that is used in balloons. This is proven to improve the life and power efficient of hard drives. Since it is still being tested, it is said to be ready and available in the middle of next year. They are still determining the price. But WD is well known for having efficient, reliable items at fair prices. to start getting ready to make sales when they launch their products, they are been trying to acquire different big corporations such as SanDisk and HGST. They are a very stable company and are projected for success on their new hard drive.

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Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and Northwestern University have announced the development of a tiny electronic sensor that can measure the vibrations of the human body. The tiny acoustic sensor can be worn or mounted on nearly any surface of the body and captures the physiological sound signals from the body. Resembling a Band-Aid the device weighs less than one-hundredth of an ounce and continuously gathers physiological data.

CU Boulder Assistant Professor Jae-Woong Jeong who is one of three lead study authors compares it to a wearable stethoscope. The device is able to pick up mechanical waves propagating through your body’s tissues and fluids, these include the opening and closing of heart valves, vocal chords and gastrointestinal tract movement. By integrating the electrodes to record electrocardiogram (ECG) signals, the device can measure electrical activity of the heart as well as muscles at rest and during contractions. Easily converted into a wireless device the sensor can be used in remote, noisy places such as a battlefield, and will produce a quiet, high quality cardiology/speech signal that can be read half way around the world in real time. The data can be used by a doctor to diagnose a patient even if they aren’t face to face. The researchers have already tested the device on a group of elderly volunteers at Camp Lowell Cardiology which is a private medical clinic in Tucson, Arizona. The results were remarkable with the researchers able to detect the acoustical signals of blood clots in some of the participants. Here we have a dedicated and expansive array of IoT products. We are your one-stop shop and go destination for a simplified sourcing solution.

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A Super Computer by the name of “The MareNostrum” is being built by the Supercomputing Center in Barcelona. This massive computer is going to be integrated with three different types of at architecture chip clusters: x86, ARM and Power9. This chips will allow the computers power to be able to reach and deliver up to 13.7 petaflops to enhance its performance. Although these chips are cannot be combined alone Linux will be the main supporter of all three clusters to be able to be intertwined and used together. Alongside Linux other interfaces such as Gen- Z and Open CAPI are used to create a multi- architecture structure that allows for them to be used to bring different types of architectures together. Per an email with Scott Tease, an executive director for Lenovo’s Hyper Scale and High Performance Computing group stated that,” the computer will let researchers experiment with all sorts of alternative, cutting-edge computing technologies.” 

Lenovo will be an enormous contribution by providing servers and chips to the production of the MareNostrom 4. ARM and Fujitsu made a high-performance commuting chip design for specifically the production of the MareNostrom 4 last year. The chip extracts “heavy doses of vector processing” that has been a prime attribute that have been implemented in many of these modern super computers. In 2011 the BSC built a series super computers using ARM-based smartphone chips and were believed to enhance the speed and efficiency appose to other server chips such as Intel’s Xeon or IBMs power. These structures have been mounted on Intel’s server cabinets. The production of the super computer is going to be made in parts that will replace previous MareNostrum 3 allowing it to be able to store an approximate 24 petabytes.

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Logitech a current mouse maker for Pioneer has discovered a new line of work without venturing out too far into the computer industry. Despite Logitech 35 years in service in minor computer accessories they have continued to progress and begin working in creating gaming, wearables, home and video controls and mobile music speaker’s division. The person responsible to the sudden upbringing of the new innovations to be added to Logitech is a man by the name Bracken Darrell.

They have released a new “home control switch “that they have named a Pop switch. This device is a multi-control that allows for different controls to be operated from one tangible device. This device can be used as a “remote control for lights, door locks, speakers, thermostats and other household devices.”

Due to Darrell’s innovation integration into the company the company’s number are on the horizon of great numbers. He noticed significant differences in different areas of accessories and noticed their accessories were not forecasted to do so well.

“Logitech saw sales of PC pointing devices decline 1 percent in its latest quarter, while mobile music speakers grew 20 percent, other audio equipment rose 35 percent and video conferencing tools like webcams jumped 43 percent.”

Although the PCs are forecasted to drop at just about a total of 8 % worldwide Logitech have still been forecasted to be able to continue their sales of mice and keyboards to accumulate nearly half of the entire net sales of $564 million. Logitech also has thoughts of venturing into “virtual reality or augmented reality gadgets.” They will continue a project that has been in the works since 1990s that ventured for an earlier generation of virtual reality system.

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The Surface book i7 is ridiculously fast. So fast that it is more than twice as fast as the original Surface Book which itself blew away every other laptop in its day. Boasting a best in class battery life, the Surface Book i7 beats all other laptops that are tested against it for speed and battery life. The second iteration of Microsoft’s convertible laptop, the Surface Book i7 is perfectly proportioned at 13.5-inch tablet with PixelSense screen that has both touch and pen support. A discrete graphics chip is hidden in the keyboard base with two sides being held together by an industrial strength hinge found in the original Surface Book.

The dynamic fulcrum hinge was rumored to be eliminated but it is still there and remains one of the most prominent features of the Surface Book i7. Although identical in looks to the previous iteration with the same PixelSense screen IPS panel with 3000x2000 resolution, the internal specs boasts an Intel dual-core 6th-gen Skylake Core i7-6600U, is paired with an solid state drive (SSD) from 256GB to 1TB and 8GB – 16GB LPDDR3 options. The only disappointment stems from Microsoft using an older processor for the CPU instead of Intel’s 7th-gen Kaby Lake CPU.

The Surface Book i7 also comes with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M chip with 2GB of GDDR5 Ram which makes the GPU both far faster and far hotter. Microsoft combatted this by adding a second fan to keep it cool at the cost of larger air vents and a thicker Performance Base than the original model.

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There has been some rumors about how MacBook Pro, the well-known Apple Laptops, has a laptop RAM capacity of 16GB. It turns out that these rumors are true and the Laptop Hardware does not need it. Apple is not concerned with it, instead they are proud to announce this as an achievement to their state of the art electronics. On the other hand, computer experts are stating that RAM requires a lot of power and creates lots of heat; this can be a disadvantage for laptops because some of the great features of having a laptop is first of all you want it to last as long as possible, and on the other hand you don’t want your laptop to overheat as this can cause damage to the system and to the person who is using the laptop. Especially if they are placing the laptop in the lap when using it. The second reason why a MacBook Pro does not need more than 16GB is because 16GB is plenty on its own.

Laptop Ram acts as a scratch book for computers where the computer saves all the data that is being used currently by the user in order to create a pleasant and fast experience for the user. In the past decade or two the prices for Ram went down exponentially making it very simple today to own up to 32GB of RAM easily. The price of the RAM went down to $5/ 1GB RAM. RAM is also designed to start clearing some of the data that is not being used clearing more memory for thermal load. more information to be stored. Having a limit of 16 GB RAM allows Apple to make their systems smaller and lighter, and on top of all is to increase the power life by reducing.

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Many people can say that they have been a victim of getting a virus on their laptops. I know I have and it is not a nice feeling nor is it an easy fix. Often time a lot of bad consequences happen after. This is a big issue for daily users, for people that depend on their laptop and mainly for people that require them to use their laptops for work. Since it is big issue, a team of students from Binghamton University have been accepted to receive funding from the national science foundation. The reason they received funding was to be able to develop a computer hardware that can protect computers from viruses. Their hopes for this new program is to be installed in all the mobiles and clouds.

Now it is obvious there are many programs that are already established that are advertised as capable of protecting computer from viruses, but unfortunately these programs are not always up to date and hackers always manage to find a way.

"This project holds the promise of significantly impacting an area of critical national need to help secure systems against the expanding threats of malware” and Ponomarev said “It is a new approach to improve the effectiveness of malware detection and to allow systems to be protected continuously without requiring the large resource investment needed by software monitors." They are panning for something that hasn’t been done yet. They are expecting it to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of malware detection which is important. Ponomarev also said “The modified microprocessor will detect malware as programs execute by analyzing the execution statistics over a window of execution” he also mentioned “Since the hardware detector is not 100-percent accurate, the alarm will trigger the execution of a heavy-weight software detector to carefully inspect suspicious programs. The software detector will make the final decision. The hardware guides the operation of the software; without the hardware, the software will be too slow to work on all programs all the time” all of this information that he is providing are extremely helpful to future users because it give them a piece of mind that this is a key solution to be able to prevent any viruses.

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