Microsoft announced its first 2017 Windows 10 update and the release of new products aimed for consumers with a big wallet who are willing to splurge on creative hardware. Though technology companies tend to design computer hardware centered on productivity, Microsoft’s new design incorporates efficiency and imagination.

Microsoft is calling the Windows 10 upgrade the “Creator’s Update” which is planned to be released in March of 2017. The update will include tools that allow working with 3D objects, self-broadcasting virtual reality games, an augmented reality, and a “mixed reality” accessible with HoloLens hardware. Microsoft also revealed the Surface Studio, an all-in-one desktop PC with a $2,999 price tag. The 28in desktop can also be laid flat and used like a tablet with a pen or touch. The Dial is a new accessory for the Surface Studio that when placed on the screen can enable it to work as a substitute input device for scrolling and zooming.

The company spoke about its target consumers, and stated that the next generation of customers are not just interested in productivity, but also on how a computer can be utilized for personal use. Though they have been urged to focus on efficiency to target commercial businesses, the company firmly believes that the Surface Studio will attract creative consumers as this update is the perfect blend of personal and professional capabilities. For now, Microsoft must wait to see how well its new designs will bring in customers, especially now when PCs sell at the same price as Apple computers.

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WiGiG, the ultra-fast short-rage network was finally authenticated after Wi-Fi Alliance certified the company. Its network will work at 8Gbps and offer the option of enabling virtual-reality headsets and high-speed Wi-Fi-zones.

Wi-Fi Alliance took over WiFi-Gig in 2013, and since then has tested some of its products to find those with interoperability. The development for WiGiG has been established since 2009 based on standards already available in other products in the market. The finalization of this network came at the perfect time, as demand for the type of network provided has emerged only in the last year. Demand for hand-free applications and virtual reality are just two applications that have high jacked demand for short-rage ultra-fast networks.

WiGiG sends data over higher frequencies than a typical mainstream network. It uses 60GHz band and unlicensed spectrum typically used by Wi-Fi. Currently, analysts are finding ways to prevent WiGiG and cellular networks from clashing when in the same area. Vendors are also working together with Wi-Fi Alliance to create products that work with the network. Some companies, like Dell, Intel, and Qualcomm have already had products that have been approved and certified.

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Intel is a company that is constantly evolving. All their products are reliable and are made easy to use. They are constantly looking for improvement and easier ways to make usage of their upcoming technology. They recently announced that they were cancelling their tablets and smartphone products, but they did not mention anything about their computer or computer processors. This was shocking for many people and many thought they were going to be producing many products. But actually they decided that they want to exit their Android market and be on their own. Many people did not like that they are cancelling their products but then again not many people used their products such as the smart phones. Many people saw this as a sign, a sign of weakness from them and a sign that they can’t compete against other companies. For example, companies, such as Samsung. But people didn’t know that intel’s plan was bigger than just stopping their products. They had a plan to license standard ARM cores.

This can be really beneficial for ARM, they mentioned that

“this deal will cover future ARM products, dubbed ARM POP technology”

they also said that this will allot ARM for a quicker knowledge transfer

“enabling customers to lower their risk in implementing the most advances ARM cores on Intel’s leading edge process technology”.

Intel mentions that they have been collaborating with many other companies as well as working with ARM. Intel is offering their best to many companies and is benefiting a lot of them. The ARM chips that they are offering and producing are very beneficial and useful for a lot of the companies.

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AMD processors have been on a great competition with Intel’s processing systems, AMD is now coming back with a strong product using Zen architecture. They stated in their recent press event that they are coming and just getting started. There has been some leaks to what is there to come from AMD and it looks promising. AMD is requesting improvement in instructions per clock for Zen. However, there has been some revealed evidence when it comes to the 8-core, 16-thread Summit Ridge system that some of the applications are outperforming some of Intel’s Broadwell-E processor in some applications. The new Zen architecture features a new micro-op cache and is built on a 14nm FinFET process. AMD has also mentioned that it is already thinking and working on the next 32-core, 64-thread Zen processor. It’s going to be running in a dual-CPU configuration Windows Server. They haven’t mentioned anything else.

AMD has been excited for this new launch and they are looking at it as one of the biggest launches because it’s going to show AMD at its best with the new Zen architecture. Over the last few years AMD has made an investment to develop the best CPU system that can be considered as a leading product. Customers are excited for this new launch as well. AMD claims that the new Zen Architecture was not meant to compete with Intel but instead they want the new central processing unit roadmap to work very well with a variety of applications and different systems and servers.

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On September 21 2016, Dave Altavilla wrote an article for Hot Hardware talking about how Samsung released two new solid state drives that has speeds that go up to 3.5 gigabytes per second. These SSDs are called the 960 Pro and 960 EVO NVMe. These two SSDs are considered part of the 900 series family which is widely accepted in today’s market.

To understand how these rank compared to the other Samsung models, here is what Atlavilla has written for us.

“Built on Samsung's 3D V-NAND technology and employing the new Samsung Polaris SSD controller, the 960 Pro is Samsung's highest performance, high endurance drive and the successor to last year's 950 Pro. The 960 EVO is the lower cost model and a follow-on to last year's Samsung 950 EVO drive.”
It seems as is the 960 EVO uses the Samsung Polaris controller but employs memory more cost efficiently in terms of the Samsung TLC NAND memory. Both of the solid state drives come in the standard M.2 gumstick form along with the PCI Express Gen 3 X4 interfaces. These two drives will also utilize the non-volatile memory express (also known as the NVMe) in order to achieve super fast speeds and low latency.

The SSD 960 PRO 512 GB is offered at $329, 1TB at $629, and the 2TB at $1299. They have a 4KB random write of 330,000 IOPS, 360,000 IOPS, and 360,000 IOPS respectively. They are available to the market place from October 2016.

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Intel’s new T5500 and 5700 chips have the Gen9 processors that allow for 4k video to virtual reality headsets. The Gen9 is considered an integrated graphics processor. The Atom chips have the code name: Broxton.

A while back in 2009 Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, infamously talked down on the Atom notebooks for have under-performing hardware. However that was over 7 years ago and now, the Atom chips have immensely improved since then.

The Atom T5500 and 5700 chips have features that are now being found in low-end PC processors. In addition to this, the Atom chips are actually being targeted for usage in drones, robots, wearable, and home devices. What makes the Atom chips so unique is that it can provide 4k decoding and encoding capabilities. Not only can this but the chips also support at a maximum of three 4K Display Port and HDMI displays at a refresh rate of 60Hz. There will also be an image processing engine that is considered next generation that will help speed up visual computing.

The Atom chips will support operating systems such as Windows 10 desktop, Linux, Windows 10 IoT Core, Android, and the VxWorks real time OS.

Here is what Shah said in terms of how to obtain the chip.

“You can get the new Atom chip through Intel's latest Joule developer board, which like Raspberry Pi 3, is targeted at people looking to build devices. The $369 Joule 570x has a 1.7GHz Atom T5700 processor, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 16GB of storage, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.”

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Quantum physics is not the only quantum field being researched, IBM is introducing a quantum computing research and a brain like chip that is going to be called TrueNorth. IBM is also bringing interesting technologies to its current Power server lineup. There is also a new interconnect, S822LC server, that developed new speeds in order to allow high performance computers to have faster connection between the CPU and the graphic processing system. The team has been working on this for years and it has been based on the Nvidia homegrown NVLink technology interconnect. There are few servers that have this technology available, the IBM’s two socket server which is based off the power8 CPUs has been one of the fist processing systems to use this technology. If you are wandering about the NVLink it’s essentially an upgrade to the PCI-Express 3.0, a communication based system between the GPU and the rest of the system.

Among the first vendors to supply the NVLink –compatible server is IBM, however Nvidia has already mentioned that by next year over 80 companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell and other companies are going to start shipping out the new server. Nvidia has already started shipping the new server and its estimated price around $129,000. It has 8 Tesla P100 GPUs with the NVLink interface. Those servers are used as co-processors to speed applications and run faster databases, engineers are finding engineering related applications that they can benefit from those servers. From what the current situation shows is that only the Tesla P100 GPU is taking advantage of the NVLink data transfer speeds. Also the 2U server can have up to 4 GPUs connected to it. IBM hasn’t provided a price for their product but they already have started distributing their product worldwide.

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Nvidia has launched an astonishing new graphics card for the gaming world. This is not the first, nor the second, but the third card that they have accomplished for the Pascal system. Nvidia confirms that the GTX 1060 is bigger and better than the GTX 960 and ranks up to the GTX 980. Even though the GTX 1060 is better than all the other gaming card, it is more cost effective not blowing a hole in the gamer’s pocket. The price of the GTX 1060 is only $249, fitting in a more affordable cost range. However, the “Founders Addition” is still affordable, only accounting for $299. The Core experience is outstanding with 1,506MHz. Another great feature to this product is that it has amazing memory capacity ranging at 2,000MHz. The great technology aspects of this product are the outstanding sensible light and sound it produces due to simultaneous multi-projection. Lastly, Nvidia has produced a new feature to the graphic card called Ansel, it will include a camera with neat filters to catch cool captures during the game.

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Intel recently announced that they are going to possibly make the project alloy Headset that can give individuals a mixed reality. Brian Krazanich the CEO of Intel recently held meeting in San Francisco where he held a prototype project alloy headset on stage.

Intel believes that the headsets can be a new class of PC in the future. Therefore, the company has been trying to promote their work and what are their future plans.  They recently introduced project alloy which is a prototype headset that runs on Microsoft windows holographic platform, and it could support other VR and AR platforms in the Future.

Just like they have great reputation for their PC’s, Intel is going to try to set the same expectations for their upcoming products and headsets. To make sure they keep their high reputation they are providing guidance to device makers on multiple factors, first they are guiding them on how to design, integrate hardware, resolve camera issues and how provide ideas on production

The Project alloy headset has a skylark laptop chip, but to this day they do not have specific dedicated chip for headsets that are also self-contained computers. This can be a small setback but Intel keeps their hopes up. Since they have a lot of experience such as they have provided reference designs for ultra-books, laptops, smartphones and 1-in-1s, therefor they have great potential to build a great headset they have a high potential to design a good working headset.

Since VR is already catching on quickly with products such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vinve, Analyst firms are projecting growth of headset shipments, therefore it makes sense for Intel to have VR specific chips. IDC is projecting a huge growth for VR/AR headset shipments. They are expecting to reach 9.6 million units this year and 11 million units by 2020. Project alloy provides a powerful mixed experience, and that’s the kind of market Intel wants to develop. Intel is starting to back more PC style mixed reality experiences over mobile VR.

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The Snapdragon 821, which is being used in mobile head mounted displays such as headrests and other devices, is being envisioned by Qualcomm as well as other smartphones and tablets.

“Building on the technology leadership introduced with the Snapdragon 820 platform, the 821 is engineered to deliver faster speed, improved power savings, and greater application performance, ensuring 821 powered devices keep pace with the growing performance demands of users to deliver the unmatched user experiences the Snapdragon 800 tier is known for.”

According to the company, by the second half of 2016 the Snapdragon 821’s first commercial devices should be on the market by then. This will not only increase sales for all of Samsung devices but broaden the expectations of the new technology provided by the company. Other phones that feature the same platform, include the Xiaomi Mi5, LG G5, HTC 10, LeEco LeMa 2, and the Sony Xperia X. These will all eventually upgrade as well.

The 820 platform will be followed by the Snapdragon with no surprise at all. Some of the features that have been promised include having at least a 10 percent performance increase, with the core CPU reaching a speed of 2.4GHz. Some of the expectations of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor will include extra performance to be able to handle mobile virtual reality displays (VR).

There is underwater mobile phone camera ability, as well as the Snapdragon 820 being included in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and all of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

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