TE Connectivity Introduces New Connectors with Greater Speeds

TE Connectivity, a global technology and manufacturing leader, recently introduced its brand-new product line of connectors. The new connectors and cages will be able to bring a speed of 28 gigabits of data rates per second, the fastest rate the globe has seen thus far. The new levels allow designers of high-speed networking systems to have a larger range of flexibility. These connector and cable assemblies are completely customizable and support PCle Gen 3 system requirements.

These connectors are CDFP which enable the highest bandwidth and port densities on the pluggable market. Each connector has 16 different channels, all with data rates up to 28 gigabits per a second.

These connectors can handle a bandwidth that totals 400Gbps, proving that TE connectivity is keeping up with the worlds increasing data usage. The assembly of these connectors consists of a simple one-piece, press-fit pluggable output/input design allows for standardization and flexibility. This design is highly attractive for high-speed networking applications which include high-performance computing systems, controller cards, servers, routers, and network interface cards.

TE Connectivity is a $13-billion-dollar technology company with a goal of producing the fastest components in today's world. Over the past 75 years, TE Connectivity has provided sensor and connectivity solutions that have led to advancements in medical technology, data communications, industrial applications and home. This global company employs more than 78,000 individuals with 7,000 of those individuals being engineers. The company is redefining what is deemed ‘possible’ by using their expertise in science to manufacturing whatever their customer needs. Whether its technology that is three to four generations from now, or solving a current problem, TE connectivity is up to the challenge.

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