What is Network Server?

In today’s world, network servers provide us with countless abilities and services that many of us unknowingly rely on almost daily. From sending emails to downloading files, servers provide for a variety of internet and network activities that may benefit both individuals and businesses alike. While the network server acts as a primary component of our current IT infrastructure, many may not be familiar with their complexities and functionalities. In this blog, we will discuss more in detail on what a network server is, as well as examine some of the most commonly utilized types.
In general, a network server refers to a computer that establishes the ability for sharing resources and data to other workstations (clients) that are connected over a network. Servers may be used for simple tasks, such as sharing files and emails within an organization, or to provide for a service on the behalf of a company. The computers that operate as servers are fairly similar to standard work stations, and they are mostly differentiated due to the processes that they execute, rather than the hardware that they hold.
Nevertheless, most devices that serve to establish servers are very powerful so that they may cater towards the needs of a number of clients that are connected to it. To handle multiple processes and/or clients, a network server will often feature increased amounts of RAM, memory, hard drives, and other components. Network server stations may also have a specialized operating system so that they can continue to run and function for 24 hours a day depending on the needs of consumers and personnel.
Across the internet, a multitude of client-server models are in constant operation, and one may interact with many during a single session unknowingly as they carry out their day on a computer. One of the most common server types, and one that most would be familiar with, is the web server. These types of servers are designed to host web pages for the World Wide Web and may be accessed over HTTP or other protocols. Mail servers are another type that many may use for both personal and work related matters, and these types of servers are for the storage and transferring of emails and through LAN, WAN, and the Internet.
Beyond basic email and web servers, there are also many servers that specialize in data. With the database server, organized collections of data may be maintained and shared over a network. File servers are another type that allows for file and folder sharing over an established network. These types of servers are commonly used by many organizations, allowing for common drives or data access points that may be used by personnel for their various operations.
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