Surface Book i7 Retains Uniqueness and Speed

The Surface book i7 is ridiculously fast. So fast that it is more than twice as fast as the original Surface Book which itself blew away every other laptop in its day. Boasting a best in class battery life, the Surface Book i7 beats all other laptops that are tested against it for speed and battery life. The second iteration of Microsoft’s convertible laptop, the Surface Book i7 is perfectly proportioned at 13.5-inch tablet with PixelSense screen that has both touch and pen support. A discrete graphics chip is hidden in the keyboard base with two sides being held together by an industrial strength hinge found in the original Surface Book.

The dynamic fulcrum hinge was rumored to be eliminated but it is still there and remains one of the most prominent features of the Surface Book i7. Although identical in looks to the previous iteration with the same PixelSense screen IPS panel with 3000x2000 resolution, the internal specs boasts an Intel dual-core 6th-gen Skylake Core i7-6600U, is paired with an solid state drive (SSD) from 256GB to 1TB and 8GB – 16GB LPDDR3 options. The only disappointment stems from Microsoft using an older processor for the CPU instead of Intel’s 7th-gen Kaby Lake CPU.

The Surface Book i7 also comes with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M chip with 2GB of GDDR5 Ram which makes the GPU both far faster and far hotter. Microsoft combatted this by adding a second fan to keep it cool at the cost of larger air vents and a thicker Performance Base than the original model.


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