Qualcomm targets snapdragon 821 processor at flagship Android devices

The Snapdragon 821, which is being used in mobile head mounted displays such as headrests and other devices, is being envisioned by Qualcomm as well as other smartphones and tablets.

“Building on the technology leadership introduced with the Snapdragon 820 platform, the 821 is engineered to deliver faster speed, improved power savings, and greater application performance, ensuring 821 powered devices keep pace with the growing performance demands of users to deliver the unmatched user experiences the Snapdragon 800 tier is known for.”

According to the company, by the second half of 2016 the Snapdragon 821’s first commercial devices should be on the market by then. This will not only increase sales for all of Samsung devices but broaden the expectations of the new technology provided by the company. Other phones that feature the same platform, include the Xiaomi Mi5, LG G5, HTC 10, LeEco LeMa 2, and the Sony Xperia X. These will all eventually upgrade as well.

The 820 platform will be followed by the Snapdragon with no surprise at all. Some of the features that have been promised include having at least a 10 percent performance increase, with the core CPU reaching a speed of 2.4GHz. Some of the expectations of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor will include extra performance to be able to handle mobile virtual reality displays (VR).

There is underwater mobile phone camera ability, as well as the Snapdragon 820 being included in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and all of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


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