All About Digital Multimedia Devices

Modern digital devices are multimedia, meaning that they record data in multiple formats, such as both audio and video. With a wide range of devices including cameras, capture cards, microphones, and more utilizing multimedia data storage and transmission and being used by both home and business-oriented PCs, it is important to understand how these devices work.
Webcams are simple digital cameras that can take video or still images and transmit them over the Internet. Unlike digital cameras, webcams have no storage capacity. Most plug into a USB port, but some also use IEEE 1394 or parallel ports. Webcams are typically used in live chat situations, or face-to-face video calling, and offer resolutions ranging from sub-VGA to up to 2 million pixels. Some offer autofocus and zoom features to improve image quality, and have built-in microphones.
Digital cameras have largely replaced conventional film cameras for both amateur and professional photography. These cameras use CMOS or CCD sensors to record images onto internal or card-based flash memory form factors such as compact flash, SD, memory sticks, xD-picture cards, and smart media. These images can be transferred to computers for emailing, printing, or storage via flash memory card readers or direct USB port connections.
Musical instrument digital interface, or MIDI music is created from digitized samples of musical instruments that are stored in the ROM or RAM of a MIDI device such as a sound card, and played under the command of a MIDI sequencer. MIDI sequences are then stored as files for future playback, and can be transferred between sound cards and MIDI-enabled devices such as keyboards via the MIDI port.
Sound cards are typically used to record and play back analog audio, but are also used to play back digital audio sources as well. When recording analog sources such as CDs, sound cards digitize the audio at varying sample rates and store files in uncompressed forms like WAV, or compressed forms like WMA and MP3. Most cards support 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound audio.
Video capture cards are used to capture live video from sources like analog camcorders, TV, and more. Most recent capture cards with video capture capabilities are multi-purpose cards that include other functions like TV tuner and video capture functions, graphics cards with video-in/video-out S-video or composite video ports, and USB devices. Videos are stored in a variety of formats, such as MPEG, AVI, and more.
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January 14, 2021

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