New solution to stop hackers and stop computer viruses

Many people can say that they have been a victim of getting a virus on their laptops. I know I have and it is not a nice feeling nor is it an easy fix. Often time a lot of bad consequences happen after. This is a big issue for daily users, for people that depend on their laptop and mainly for people that require them to use their laptops for work. Since it is big issue, a team of students from Binghamton University have been accepted to receive funding from the national science foundation. The reason they received funding was to be able to develop a computer hardware that can protect computers from viruses. Their hopes for this new program is to be installed in all the mobiles and clouds.

Now it is obvious there are many programs that are already established that are advertised as capable of protecting computer from viruses, but unfortunately these programs are not always up to date and hackers always manage to find a way.

"This project holds the promise of significantly impacting an area of critical national need to help secure systems against the expanding threats of malware” and Ponomarev said “It is a new approach to improve the effectiveness of malware detection and to allow systems to be protected continuously without requiring the large resource investment needed by software monitors." They are panning for something that hasn’t been done yet. They are expecting it to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of malware detection which is important. Ponomarev also said “The modified microprocessor will detect malware as programs execute by analyzing the execution statistics over a window of execution” he also mentioned “Since the hardware detector is not 100-percent accurate, the alarm will trigger the execution of a heavy-weight software detector to carefully inspect suspicious programs. The software detector will make the final decision. The hardware guides the operation of the software; without the hardware, the software will be too slow to work on all programs all the time” all of this information that he is providing are extremely helpful to future users because it give them a piece of mind that this is a key solution to be able to prevent any viruses.

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