Intel is Bringing More Meaningful Data to its Next Generation of Fitness Wearables

The future in fitness has just changed a bit with the announcement of Intel partnering up with Exos to make fitness warbles more personal and insightful for people who work out. Exos who if you are not familiar with has worked with Adidas on its line of wearables in the past including the MiCoach Elite wearable system which was used by the great German National Football team during the 2014 world cup tournament which we all know that Germany was the champions of the world cup that year.

Also Exos has also done great work with the military and the Chinese Olympics Committee and also Exos has helped others from the industry and make improvements with their numbers and data. The whole idea behind the partnership between these two companies is to work together and improve the way data is recorded by Intel-based products which will be delivered back to the user of the product.

This will be the next generation of Basis Peak or pretty much anything that makes use of Intel’s Curie processor. The lack of data from majority of fitness trackers really lack tracking their data so it’s something Intel is trying to keep great track of. It should be a great product because this is not the first time the two companies have worked together which they have built performance and health plans for Intel employees along with collaborating Intel’s Vitality program. Intel hopes to also improve the education in the industry program for fitness professionals which will force rivals to also follow the new program.


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