Choosing The Right Mechanical Keyboard

Extreme Tech discussing how to choose the right mechanical keyboard that will work best for you. With regular keyboards, the contact on the keyboard triggers one the keyboard is pressed all the way down. As time goes on, the keyboard experiences wear and tear in which the rubber membrane located below the keys get more worn down. This causes the tactile feel of the keyboard to be inconsistent and sometimes mushy. Laptop keyboards aren’t any better as they use a scissor switch. Mechanical keyboards solve this problem by providing more of a tactile feeling.

Before bottoming out on a keyboard press, the mechanical keyboard and actuate before the point of bottoming out. On cherry corporation manufacturer contact switches on mechanical keyboards, “a stem moves into the housing and pushes metal contacts together” says Whitman. This occurs when a button is pushed on the keyboard.

There are other types of mechanical keyboards such as the topre switch. Here is what Whitman says about it. “Topre switches are popular, but rather expensive. These switches have a stiff rubber dome and a conical spring. Here, the actuation is triggered by a change in capacitance of the spring as you press. The are also Alps-style metal contacts, buckling springs, and Hall effect switches. These are all fairly uncommon in modern boards, though.”

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November 9, 2016

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