Huawei Overtakes Xiaomi to Become No. 1 Smartphone Vendor in China

Huawei is becoming one of the world’s largest player in the mobile market in China. China is now bigger than the U.S. in the mobile market. During the third quarter of this year 2015, Huawei has made huge leaps overtaking Xiaomi, the forming leading smartphone vendor in that nation.

Jessie Ding, a research analyst based in Canalys’ Shanghai office, commented on the news: “‘Huawei’s ascent to China’s smart phone throne is a remarkable feat, especially in the context of an increasingly cutthroat and maturing Chinese smart phone market. On the other hand, Xiaomi, with its worldwide target of 80 million smart phone shipments for 2015, is under tremendous pressure to keep growing as an international player as it is slowing down in its key home market.”

In terms of the third quarter of 2015, here’s what a Xiaomi spokesperson had to say:

“We just released Redmi Note 2 in mid-August and Mi 4c in late September, which means our product lineup went through a transition period in Q3 2015, and we had to ramp up supply gradually to meet demand.”

Xiaomi has claimed that they have sold over 61 million smartphones in China in 2014. However, the company is struggling to hit their goal of 80 million for the year. To be more exact, the company dropped their target goal from 100 million to 80 million.

Another Xiaomi spokesman, Tony Wei, is optimistic about the country’s market outlook:

“The China market is still big enough. Xiaomi’s focus is user experience and product innovation, and not just specifically seeking flashy numbers and the top market seat.”

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