Gogo Signs Landmark Multi-GHz Capacity Deal with SES for its Global In-flight Connectivity Network

Gogo is the leader in the broadband connectivity solutions and wireless entertainment industry as it was announced today. It has landed one of the largest deals ever in the satellite aero market, and is growing currently for the high in demand of high-speed inflight connectivity. The Gogo Company is all about bringing the best experience to their customers and all their aviation partners that they currently work with.

This deal will only increase the bandwidth and make the costs per bit down by orders of magnitude, said by Anand Chari who is currently the chief technology officer for Gogo. A partner of Gogo, SES has been very pleased with the great long relationship that they have carried with Gogo, because they have worked together to develop the very best hybrid HTS solution worldwide. They want to change the demands of passengers and want them to expect a living room experience all the time.

They also plan on putting a live production of television with their upcoming project. Gogo has had success in their business and has had 12 successful partnerships with about 12 different commercial airlines with around 2,500 commercial aircrafts flying around. They currently have more than 1,000 employees and hopefully continue to grow their main corporation that is based out of Broomfield CO.


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