Corsair is the Gamer’s Friend

Headquartered in Fremont, California, Corsair is designer and manufacturer of computer hardware, peripherals, and accessories specifically catering to the PC gaming market. Established as Corsair Microsystems in 1994, Corsair got its start by developing Level 2 cache modules for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Today, Corsair counts major companies like Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA Corporation as development partners.

Recently, Corsair partnered with ASUS to co-develop the industry’s fastest production memory kits for the Intel Core i7 processor. For the fiscal year 2011, Corsair reported US$455 million in revenues.

Corsair’s array of computer solutions include the following products:

  • Memory: Corsair’s desktop memory work on Intel and AMD desktops. They are integrated with the dual-channel DHX cooling system to maximize overclocking potential and feature attractive LED lighting effects.
  • Cases: All Corsair-made cases feature a black painted interior, tool-free drive bays, and easily-removed side panels. Cases are integrated with HDD trays that support adapter-less 3.5 and 2.5 drives.
  • CPU Coolers: All Corsair Hydro Series coolers are equipped with at least two fans, large pre-filled radiators, and copper cold plates. They are easily mountable onto Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) motherboards.
  • SSD: Corsair SSDs (solid state drives) incorporate the latest in NAND flash memory technology. Games load and respond faster. Since they are solid-state, Corsair SSDs endure shock and vibration better than common hard drives.
  • USB Drives: Corsair USB flash drives come with protective rubberized housing, an integrated PIN pad for security, and 8GB to 64GB of memory for safe and easy portability.
  • Gaming Mice: Corsair gaming mice are designed to be agile and responsive.
  • Gaming Keyboard: Corsair keyboards provide exceptional key feel and sensitivity.
  • Gaming Headsets and Speakers: With bi-amplified 2-way satellites and digital process signaling powered by 232 watts of power, Corsair gaming speakers provide realistic audio reproduction. Corsair headsets lay comfortably, allowing gamers to play for hours on end.
  • Gaming Mouse Mats: Corsair mats offer exceptional glide without losing control.

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