Bothhand USA: Working Towards Green Power and Connectivity

Founded in 1952 and based in Topsfield, Massachusetts, Bothhand USA specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic components for the networking, data, and telecommunications industries. Compliant with ISO 14001, ISO 19001, ISO 9002, and QC 080000 certifications at its various sites (including its manufacturing facility in China), the company’s practices are assured with the highest standards of quality.

In addition, Bothhand USA has affiliated with both Samsung and Sony in an environment-oriented partnership with the Samsung Eco-Partner certification and the Sony Green-Partner certification. These alliances work towards best practices in an environmentally sustainable, as well as business profitable manner.

With a workforce of approximately 1,850 and about 95 million in revenues for fiscal year 2012, the company offers a number of products in the following categories: filter & transformer, RJ-45 connector, DC/DC converter, power over Ethernet kits, and AC/DC switching power supply. The company’s products are available in RoHS and Halogen-free versions and their components are certified with CSA, UL, and VDE.

Bothhand USA offers filters and transformers for every need. Specifications include: 10/100 single DIP, 10/100 single SMD, 10/100 dual DIP, 10/100 dual SMD, 10/100 quad DIP, 10/100 quad SMD, 10G, 1000, 1000 single DIP, 1000 single SMD, 1000 dual DIP, 1000 dual SMD, 1000 quad DIP, 1000 quad DIP with assist POE power line, 1000 five DIP, balun, common mode choke, ISDN, PCMCIA, and voice over IP. Their line of RJ-45 connectors come in the following variations:

1x1 tab down with LED, 1x1 tap down, 1x1 tab up with LED, 1x1 tab up, 1x1 tab vertical, 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, 2x1, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, and jack/dual USB combination.

Their DC/DC converters have a range of voltages including: ½-3 watts, 5-12 watts, 15-25 watts, and 30-100 watts. Finally, the company’s AC/DC switching power supplies are offered in a desktop type series or a wall mount type series.

The company’s product portfolio is continuing to expand. Recent (beginning in 2013) additions to their product lines include: a 10 giga base transformer with choice of 1 port and 24 pins or 2 ports and 48 pins, 10G Base-T applications (including a server adapter card and a high-performance 10 GbEswitch) for Ethernet equipment, 2xN RJ45 connectors (with 2x1 100base, 2x4 1000base, and 2x6 1000base models), a transformer for POE/non-POE applications (1 giga with 88 pins and 4 ports with POE/non-POE options), a Balun transformer with 0.3-200 MHz, a 5KV transformer (with 5000V, 1 Giga, 24 pins, and a choice of either 1mA/2s or 2mA/60s), a transformer with POE connector (4 port, 1 giga, 88 pins), a transformer for UPOE solution (4 port with POE/non-POE,1 giga, 96 pins), and a PCMCIA transformer (1 port with either 100 base with 12 pins or 1 giga with 24 pins).


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