Belden Inc.: Sending Signals Your Way

A New York Stock Exchange traded company, Belden Incorporated is a designer and manufacturer of signal transmission products for networking and connectivity. Established in 1902 by Joseph Belden in Chicago, Illinois and currently headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, the company has numerous brands operating under its name – including GarrettCom, Hirschmann, Poliron, PPC, Grass Valley, Lumberg Automation, ProsSoft Technology, Mohawk, Tofino Security, and West Penn Wire – giving Belden one of the signal transmission industry’s broadest product portfolio. Beginning as an enamel and rubber insulation producer, the company has experienced enormous growth over the span of its existence. During World War II, Belden completely shifted production in support of the war effort. After the war, Belden emerged as a leading developer of wire and cable technology. From 1993, a decade-long series of acquisitions propelled revenues into the billions.

Belden operates under four primary business platforms:

Industrial Connectivity – cables and connectors for machine to machine connectivity with industrial automation, machine building, and automotive production applications. This segment accounted for 32.9% of revenues with $680.6 million for fiscal year 2013. Belden offers an enormous array of industrial networking products including: managed switches, unmanaged switches, light managed switches, routers, serial communication devices, BAT wireless, and other accessories.

Industrial IT – hardware and software for discrete and process automation applications. This segment accounted for 11.2% of revenues totaling $231.5 million for fiscal year 2013. With reliability for mission-critical environments, Belden offers products such as hardened backbone switches, energy-efficient managed switches, Ethernet hardened fiber options for video and mobile applications, and much more.

Enterprise Connectivity – networking infrastructure for data, voice, and video with applications including finance, healthcare, and other networked industries. This segment accounted for 23.8% of revenue with $493.1 million for fiscal year 2013. Products under this platform includes copper built cables for category 6A, 6+, and 5E systems; fiber optic cabling under a FiberExpress system, with products for field termination, pre-termination, patch, panels, and workstation outlets.

Broadcast – hardware, software, and connectivity devices for television broadcast, cable, satellite, and other global content delivery systems. This segment accounted for 32.1% of revenues with $679.2 million for fiscal year 2013. This product portfolio includes precision video coax, triax, SMPTE hybrids, BNC broadcast connectors, low skew & nano skew, and an array of cable assemblies.

A relentless innovator, Belden devoted 4% of revenue for fiscal year 2013 to research and development. Currently maintaining over 1,000 patents, Belden was acknowledged by the Patent Board in the area of technology strength.


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