AT&T Expands GigaPower Internet Service to 38 Markets

AT&T announced that it will expand and open its 1Gbps fiber optic broadband service to 38 more additional cities. This will bring the city total to 58 locations.

Two years ago, AT&T launched their GigaPower in Austin, Texas to fight against Google Fiber. Most of all of Texas has is equipped with the GigaPower along with many of California’s cities. Within the 38 additional, some of the large cities include San Francisco and San Jose, California, Detroit, Michigan, and Columbus, Ohio.

As for Google Fiber, they announced that they have picked up 18 cities, including Oklahoma City and Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida. Jeffrey Kagan, an independent analyst, mentions that AT&T is expanding more quickly than its competitor.With today's announcement, AT&T GigaPower is far outpacing every other competitor, even Google Fiber."

In addition to this statement, Kagan talks about his prediction for the future and how AT&T has a winning edge.

"Gigabit Internet is one important key to the future. Cities that get it early on have a competitive advantage. Eventually, every city will have to have this or they will be at a competitive disadvantage."

Not only has AT&T expanded more quickly, they have also been very strategic in terms of pricing. According to The Consumerist, AT&T tends to charge up to $40 more per month in markets where it's not competing with Google Fiber; the typical monthly range is $70 to $110.

AT&T GigaPower is considered to be completely 100% fiber-optic built all the way to your home while using the latest wifi technology to create the best in-home experience and also available with enhanced TV, digital voice, and DVR compatibility. Twenty-five songs can be downloaded in one second, an HD TV show can be downloaded in 3 seconds, and an HD movie can be downloaded in 36 seconds with GigaPower.

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