Amazon Offers Unlimited Cloud Drive Storage

Announced in March 2015, Inc. will begin providing an unlimited storage plan for their Amazon Cloud Drive. The plan will start at $59.99 per year. An alternate plan of photo-only with 5 GB for other file types will cost $11.99 per year. Currently, the only other service offering an unlimited storage plan to a broader consumer segment is Microsoft’s unlimited OneDrive storage exclusively for Office 365 subscribers. Although Microsoft intends to offer an unlimited plan more broadly in the upcoming months, unlimited storage offerings have traditionally been reserved for business or enterprise operators.

Other competitors in the cloud storage market include Dropbox (which offers unlimited storage only to its enterprise customers on Dropbox for Business) and Google (which offers an unlimited option in its Drive for Work cloud storage product). For individual consumers, Dropbox and Google provide a capped amount of space, with the former selling 1 terabyte for $99 annually and the latter selling 1 terabyte for $99.99 per year, making Amazon’s new Unlimited Everything plan the least expensive option. Amazon’s web storage application debuted in 2011. Amazon Cloud Drive is accessible across devices including desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. In addition, the Cloud Drive can be accessed on Amazon’s Fire TV and the Amazon Instant Video app for certain TVs and gaming consoles. Both Amazon and Google also offer other cloud service products for alternate storage uses for data that is infrequently accessed (known as cold storage services). Amazon’s version, part of their Amazon Web Services, is called Glacier. The company also maintains a data warehousing service, called Redshift. Google’s version, Cloud Storage Nearline, was recently introduced in March of 2015.

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January 14, 2021

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