What Shredders Should You Buy in 2021?

While a majority of businesses have now shifted many of their operations to digital platforms, there may still be a variety of documents that are still used or filed away on average. Furthermore, shifting to digital platforms can leave large amounts of sensitive documents that need to be disposed of securely. Unlike the old shredders that many are familiar with, newer models have advanced considerably in their ability to efficiently shred paper while ensuring any confidential information is properly destroyed and is unable to be pierced back together easily.
Generally speaking, shredders are often classified by the method in which they cut and dispose of paper. Strip-shred cutters are fairly common, and they slice paper into long strips that may be disposed of. While they are quick in their operation, they are not efficient for removing confidential information as strips are thick enough to put together if someone collects all parts. With cross-shredder types, more security can be achieved as strips are cut into thinner lengths that are shorter as well. As one of the best types for security, the micro-cut shredder hashes paper into small bits that would be extremely difficult to reassemble for most individuals. As such, the micro-cut shredder serves very well for those that have heightened security concerns and need proper disposal of documentation.
When researching shredders, it can be useful to be aware of the internationally accepted DIN 66399 standard which dictates the size of shredded bits. Typically, security can range from P-1 to P-7 designation, with the former being insecure and the latter being best for high-confidentiality documentation. For the standard business office, a shredder that is P-4 will usually be fine, though higher values would only increase the security of disposal.
Beyond the security aspect of the shredder, it can also be highly beneficial to consider the amount of documentation that needs to be removed on average. With some shredders, thicker bundles of paper may be shreddable to increase the speed of disposal. Furthermore, many shredders can extend their services to more than paper, as their blades may be capable of cutting through credit cards, staples, CDs, and much more. As such, the choice of shredder may be dictated by the feeder capacity and speed at which documents are drawn in and disposed. Last, but not least, there may be a run time of shredders which is the amount of time that it can be fed before needing to cool down.
With all things considered, the choice of which shredder is best for a given application can be decided based on security, capacity, speed, and run-time requirements. When procuring a shredder for home use, small and simple models can serve well for one individual to remove a low amount of documents as needed. For larger corporations with many documents, however, a more robust system can be the difference in efficiency. Nevertheless, all shredders can improve security and safety through the ability to remove and destroy sensitive documentation and information.
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December 2, 2022
June 15, 2022

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