What is Cable Management?

When managing and operating numerous electrical devices and systems, one will also have to deal with a plethora of cables, connectors, and other electrical components that keep them functioning. Due to the importance of cables in terms of power and signal transfer, they should be handled with care to promote an ease of maintenance, identification, and safety. Without proper cable management, cables can quickly become tangled and unplugged, and damage can occur depending on the severity of the issue. As such, one should familiarize themselves with proper cable management, and the various products that promote it.
One of the most simplistic ways to enhance cable management in a cabinet or installation is to utilize labeling. Labeling can be done through color coding or written tags, and such systems may be used to group related cable types, voltage levels, or more. For grouping, cable ties, lacing, rubber bands, or other such products may be used, or cables may be run through cable guides or can be affixed to walls. As some cables may be constrained in their ability to fit into a cabinet or installation, implementing labeling early can reduce the amount of stress you may later have if you need to increase the amount of cables in the assembly.
Many cables are sensitive to mechanical strain, that of which can cause them to break down and lose performance or functionality. To prevent such issues, cable strain relief components should be implemented for cables, wires, conduits, and hoses. Strain reliefs are often plastic or metal, and they clamp onto lines so that the amount of stress induced as a result of bends is minimized. Cable ties can also reduce mechanical stress as well, and they serve as a cost-effective solution for large bundles of cabling. When electrical lines are terminated at a socket or port, strain relief is generally a requirement so that the connector is not unplugged or ripped out by accident. Depending on the application, the required strain relief component may differ in its type and placement.
While a majority of cable management is executed in a cabinet or within a system, there are still many benefits to managing the cables that must go across open spaces. For instance, business offices and furniture are often designed with cable management in mind, some desks featuring holes for cables to be run through to reduce the amount of visible wiring. Additionally, dropped ceilings and raised floors also allow for cables to be efficiently routed as required in a space, all while enabling an ease of maintenance. With proper routing and organization, systems and devices can be connected as needed, all while reducing tripping hazards, disorganization, and more.
Once you have established the type of cables you will need to manage, the amount of bundles you have, and the space you require, it will then be time to begin procuring the various management parts you need. With cable harnesses, cable locks, cable entry systems, cable trays, cable glands, and cable grommets all serving as common options, the choice should depend on the amount of organization you desire and the types of cables present in an assembly. At ASAP IT Technology, we serve as a one-stop shop for all cable management hardware that you need, offering a plethora of products with competitive pricing and rapid lead times.
ASAP IT Hardware is a leading distributor of electronic components and cable management solutions, offering products from the likes of C2G, Emerson Network Power, Steren Electronics, American Power Conversion Corp, and Star Micronics. With AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accreditation, alongside a strict NO CHINA SOURCING pledge, we stand by the quality and caliber of our offerings. If you find particular items on our website that you are interested in, first begin with a quote for your comparisons which you may receive through the submission of an RFQ form as provided on our website. Once we receive a completed form, a dedicated account manager will reach out to you in 15 minutes or less to continue the process.


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