Visualizing the Future: S3 Graphics

As a subsidiary of HTC Corporation, S3 Graphics serves the desktop and notebook market by providing innovative graphics visualization technologies to manufacturers and retailers alike. S3 Graphics is headquartered in Fremont, California and is staffed with motivated and innovative individuals who strive to create successful products.

S3 Graphics seeks to create high quality video and graphics cores for integrated and discrete applications in desktop, mobile, and embedded markets. The company offers a wide selection of products in a variety of different markets.

For desktop products, S3 Graphics offers the Chrome 500 Series, the Chrome 400 Series, the Chrome 20 Series, GammaChrome, and DeltaChrome; all of which provide an impressive visual experience while offering innovative features, power-efficiency, and performance.

For notebook products, S3 Graphics offers the Chrome 400 ULP Series which consists of Chrome 430 ULP, Chrome 435 ULP, and Chrome 440 ULP. The Chrome 400 ULP Series provides unparalleled power efficiency while offering the most advanced HD media playback.

For embedded products, S3 Graphics offers the 5000 Series, the 4000 Series, and the 2000 Series, all of which provide industry leading energy efficiency while simultaneously providing accessibility to innovative technology typically found only in PC applications.

With over 20 years of experience, S3 Graphics is able to manufacture and supply an extensive selection of products for a wide range of home and business market needs. S3 Graphics is continuously improving and innovating the computer hardware industry through their research, design, and development of incredible graphics and HD video solutions.


September 13, 2019

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