Understand Computer Memory System in Detail

Generally speaking, computer memory is classified as either internal or external memory. Internal memory, sometimes called main or primary memory, is memory that stores small amounts of data while the computer is running. External memory, or secondary memory, refers to an external device that stores and retains data. Some examples of external memory are hard disks, compact discs, or USB flash drives.
The two types of internal memory are ROM and RAM. ROM, a non-volatile memory (meaning it can retain data without power) stands for read-only memory. The main function of this type of memory is to start/boot a computer. Upon boot-up, the computer then primarily uses RAM, or random-access memory. This type of memory stores data while the central processing unit is enacting other commands. The more RAM a computer has, the less the CPU has to read data from secondary storage devices. This allows the computer to run much faster.
RAM is very prevalent in any operating system. The two common types of RAM are called DRAM and SRAM. DRAM is used as the computer’s main source of memory. The individual memory cells are made up of a transistor and capacitor with an integrated circuit. Transistors leak and capacitors slowly discharge, meaning DRAM has to receive a refreshed electronic charge every few seconds in order to retain data. The other type of RAM, SRAM, retains data as long as power is supplied to the system. The main difference between SRAM and DRAM is that SRAM does not need to be refreshed. This means SRAM is much faster, but far more costly as well.

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December 4, 2018

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