Sony On Track to Make Trillions

Sony - An electronics company that produces a variety of products, just announced its plans for global sensor domination. Five years ago, Sony was struggling to keep afloat, with loses totaling more than two billion dollars. Since this drop, Sony has decided to focus its efforts on mainly three things: image sensors, mobile, and games. The focus shift was an extremely intelligent choice by Sony because it shot their annual revenue back up. Sony reported that their first quarter profit from this year was the best quarter profit they have ever seen. Overall, sales have grown about 15%.

Most of the company’s revenue is coming from photographic image sensors, something the company has invested over four billion dollars into. The latest profit results are fantastic news for them, especially after the massive earthquakes japan suffered last year. These earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.0 destroyed Sony’s sensor production facilities, and rebuilding them was a massive hit to revenue. Sony attributes its revenue growth in the ability to quickly restore these centers and getting product back out. Now, Sony controls around 50% of the entire world market for image sensors which has gone up by 10% in the last two years. Sony’s biggest product to date is its dual-camera smartphones. Smartphones are used all around the globe, making this a huge outlet for Sony. The company is particularly targeting the ever-growing Chinese market.

Although this market is huge Sony has decided to play it safe and make annual image sensor sales a small percentage of overalls sales because Chinese phone manufactures are trying to make a shift toward cheaper phone parts, to lower the overall cost of phones. Sony is on track to post its best annual profits for the next two decades, a huge benefit for shareholders. Sony hardware parts are right way to go when looking for electronic components.


December 2, 2022
June 15, 2022

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