Samsung Leads in the Industry of Electronic Memory

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the South Korean electronics company, Samsung Group. In revenue comparison, the company is the world’s largest information technology company with their products spanning worldwide sales. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has assembly plants in over 70 countries and has over 360,000 employees worldwide. As a publically traded company, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, has met over $215 Billion in yearly revenues with profits of over $28 billion. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd products include batteries, semiconductors, chips, flash memory, hard drives, LCD panels, televisions, and mobile telephones. Replacing Apple Inc. as the world’s largest technology company in 2011, they are the largest manufacturer of LCD panels, televisions, and mobile phones.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has also been the largest memory manufacture since 1993, producing products for general, business, and OEM use. Through their Semi-Conductor division, the electronics company produces DRAM, Flash Solutions, Mobile Memory, and System Logic. Samsung’s DRAM products range from DDR to DDR4 and are produced for computing, consumer, and graphics applications. The Flash Solutions line includes eMMC, UFS (mobile device flash storage), Solid State Drives, Flash Cards, and V-NAND which is the world’s first 3d Vertical NAND Flash Memory. Mobile memory products are also a big part in Samsung’s sales which include Mobile DRAM and MCP modules. Lastly, products such as Digital Display Drivers, Security Solutions, and Power Management IC are what make up Samsung’s System Logic products.

Samsung has consistently been a manufacture of industry first products.

In April of 2014, Samsung announced their mass production of the industry’s first 3-bit NAND Solid State Drive for date centers. This new product provides high levels of IOPS for servers and data centers which allows for better quality of service.

In December of 2013, Samsung introduced the industry’s first 1-TeraByte mSATA Solid State Drive. This unique drive is only a quarter size of a standard 2.5 inch solid state drive but offers the same level of density and performance.

In August of 2013, Samsung announced their mass production of the industry’s first 3D Vertical NAND Flash. This cutting edge NAND Flash has a 128Gb density in one single chip which is twice the write performance over a standard floating NAND flash memory.

It is clear to see why Samsung continues to be the industry leader in many electronic components. From a wide range of products to their worldwide influence to many industry first products, it is clear to see why Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd continues to be the industry leader in electronic components.


September 13, 2019

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