OtterBox Cases for All of Your Mobile Devices

Well known for their durable protective cases for mobile devices, OtterBox is the number 1 selling manufacturer of cases for smartphones in Canada and the United States.  The company was founded as a manufacturer of device-specific smartphone cases, tablet cases, and waterproof boxes for outdoor enthusiasts in 1998. Since their establishment in 1998, OtterBox has evolved their offering of products to include 8 different lines of cases, including: the Defender Series, the Preserver Series, the Symmetry Series, the Commuter Series, the Resurgence Series, the Agility Tablet System, Alpha Glass, and Clearly Protected.

The Defender Series is a 3-layer protecting case with a built-in screen protector that can prevent scratches and withstand bumps, shocks, and drops. The Preserver Series is a fully submergible waterproof case made up of a two-piece snap assembly which allows for easy installation without compromising protection. The Symmetry Series is offered in a wide array of graphics and colors, allowing for a wide selection of cases with streamlined designs that also protect your mobile device from shock and drops.

The Commuter Series is a durable line of 2-layer protected mobile cases with a sleek design allowing for easy access in and out of pockets. The Resurgence Series is a dual purpose mobile case: in addition to offering the standard protection provided by OtterBox products, the Resurgence Series is capable of providing your mobile device with more than 2 times its battery power. The Agility Tablet System offers a variety of protective products and accessories for a range of tablets. Alpha Glass is a fortified glass screen protector which allows for an anti-shatter and anti-scratch screen which is capable of displaying flawless clarity. Clearly Protected is an innovative line of high-strength, self-healing polyurethane screen protectors available in a variety of options.

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