Lanier: Solutions for Office Imaging Equipment

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Lanier Worldwide Inc. supplies office imaging equipment, production printing, and document management systems. In 2001, Lanier was acquired by Ricoh Company, a multinational corporation specializing in imaging and electronics and currently operates as a subsidiary of Ricoh’s Managed Document Services. Lanier’s range of product categories include:

B&W Multifunction – copiers with multiple speed settings with a modular (changeable) design for flexible add-ons such as high-speed network printing, faxing, or booklet printing.

Facsimile – faxing systems that can send across LAN, WAN, IP, and internet networks as well as the traditional phone land line. Many models feature copying, scanning, and network printing capabilities.

Color Multifunction – copying systems with high-resolution color.

Wide Format – copiers designed to copy, print, or scan large formatted documents such as drawings, blueprints, maps, or plans.

Printers – laser printers with both independent and network configurations. Lanier’s selection of printers include a variety of models specifically for personal, departmental, high-volume or production printing use.

Production Printing – for mass production in large volumes, Lanier’s production printing systems are equipped with high-speed engineering to produce high-quality documents quickly.

Digital Duplicators – using master and ink instead of toner, digital duplicators can print in black and white on multiple types of paper stock and size.

Projectors – made with Ricoh’s precision optics and lens technology, Lanier has expanded beyond the printing and copying domain into image projectors for businesses.

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September 13, 2019

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