Intel and Google Team with TAG Heuer on Luxury Smartwatch

Announced in March of 2015, computer technology giants Intel and Google will join Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer in a new project to design and manufacture a luxury smartwatch. The companies announced the collaboration in a press conference at the Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show in Basel, Switzerland. Anticipated for release in the latter end of 2015, the watch will use Intel chip technology and operate an Android Wear system.Intel has already ventured into smart wearables with a low power x86 processor, dubbed Quark, which is offered on bracelets by fashion house Opening Ceremony. These bracelets were named My Intelligent Communication Accessory, or MICA smart bracelets. Intel’s Quark, a tiny system-on-a-chip product is 32-bit and single-core.

The Quark was developed to align with the burgeoning “Internet of Things” trend, in which computing devices are prevalent in our entire environment – from clothes to cars to kitchen appliances. There are currently 2.2 billion x86-based products available as of 2014. The market for wearable computer technology has been steadily growing with 4.6 million smart wearables delivered in 2014. Prominent technology corporations, such as Apple, have gotten into the game with the Apple Watch – a smartwatch product announced last year and expected for availability in April of 2015. Although Google’s Android Wear system has operated on wearables before – with the Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch, and others – this occasion marks the first time the company will make a high-end, luxury offering in an effort to compete with Apple’s upscale line (which ranges from $350 up to $17,000 per unit).

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September 14, 2021

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