Fujitsu Develops Worlds Smallest Sensor Device Supporting LPWA

Well known information technology equipment company, Fujitsu, has created a mini sensor that is powered by a solar cell. This miniature sensor will help aid LPWA wireless transmission. This newly introduced device measures at 82x24x6mm, and the company boasts that this is the smallest sensor device that supports LPWA in the world.

Conveniently, the sensor does not require replacement batteries. Data for both humidity and temperature that is collected by the sensor is able to be transmitted to a Sigfox base station that is as far as 7 km away.

LPWA in recent days has been in the spotlight due to it being a wireless technology that is able to directly transmit data to the cloud while consuming low power across wide areas. Fujitsu Electronics has been able to create power control technology that is able to command the timing of LPWA signal transmissions in real time. This controlling is based on temperature data that has been collected by the temperature sensor.

This milestone in technology will allow for signal transmissions to be carried out only when activation voltage, which may change with temperature, is boosted, which will help to prevent the voltage from falling under the minimum operating voltage for the LPWA module.

With this efficiency in power, it is possible to allow variation in power utilized by the wireless circuit or power created by solar cells because of temperature. This will remove the need for any excess energy storage elements that were in the past required to react to power variation, allowing for the miniaturization of the sensor device with the smallest power storage elements needed.

The data that is collected can be seen through Fujitsu’s Cloud Service K5 loT Platform, which is Fujitsu’s loT platform service for data utilization. The platform has received Sigfox Ready Program for loT PaaS certification as a platform that can connect to the Sigfox cloud. This ensures that the sensor data is easily obtained in the cloud simply by setting the sensor devices. This will allow for maintenance-free installation and management of the loT systems, which will speed up the procedure of digitalization.

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December 2, 2022
June 15, 2022

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