DLink Creates New Router For Enhanced Gaming and Streaming Performance

D-Link, a wireless company located in Fountain Valley, CA has created a new innovative router that specializes in gaming and streaming. The AC2600 EXO MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router (DIR-882) was created for the home bodies that use their wifi for many uses at the same time. One can be gaming online all while streaming live videos from the web. The AC2600 EXO MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router is able to perform up to dual band speeds of 2533 Mbps .

The Router has been equipped with a high end dual core processor to be able to handle the amount of wireless performance that one uses at once.

AC Smartbean technology has been integrated with tracks that are opted for maximum Wi-Fi speeds and increased area coverage.
The router has a built-in port to stream to other devices around the house through a USB 3.0 and 2.0 insert.

One innovative application that the newest router has to offer is the MU- MIMO technology used to increase bandwidth power throughout different individual devices at the simultaneously.

Vice President of D Link Systems marketing cannot be more proud and certain of their product as he states,

” This router offers users the ability to maintain the strongest Wi-Fi signal on multiple devices at one time – whether streaming, gaming, surfing the web, or working from home, this is the router to rely on."

The router is also installed with a Gigabit WAN and LAN ports that increases performance on gaming systems  and desktop computers that have a landline connection.

The router is currently priced at $149.99 US through retailers and online distributors.

D link capability to provide wireless connectivity and surveillance with home products and continue to increase with products such as the new addition. 

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October 10, 2023
November 16, 2016

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