Describing a Network Interface Card

This network interface card’s job is to connect a computer to a local network or internet. It does this by creating electrical signals that are both compatible with the computer and the network nearby that it connects to. Basically, all PCs, both desktop, and laptops have a network interface card built in. The card is held securely in the computer by the bracket. This bracket can also have a cable jack or antenna on it with an indicator light that the card is inserted correctly and working.
The most common adapter has a number of computer chips used to process signals from the network to the PC. These computer chips are in a plastic circuit board that can be injected into the actual PC and connecting to the motherboard. There are several types of network interface cards, one of the more recent ones work with Wi-Fi wireless networks through an antenna to send signals.

Not all are wireless, there are also ones that use actual Ethernet cables to connect the computer and internet. Ethernet cables have a plug that connects that network card and the internet as one.
These connections transfer waves and signals to communicate which website you are trying to access and turns them into the data you see on your screen. To put it simply, the card is a middleman for everything you are trying to access on your PC.  The circuit boards are automatically programmed when placed in your computer. The make and model are used to properly pass all of the data specifically for your network. Without programming, these cards do not work.
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September 13, 2019

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